Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

IKEA Round Rock Services

Picking with Delivery Service
If you need us to collect the items on your shopping list, we are here to help!

We will carefully gather all of your merchandise and arrange for home delivery, all this starting at just $99.
That's right, we'll pull it for you and arrange delivery to your home starting at just $99!
*This service is for in-store purchases only and based on products in-stock. Live Plants and assorted articles are ineligible for Picking with delivery. The $99 pricing based on zone 1 deliveries.
Please see the above PDFs for details on home delivery zip codes and additional pricing. Home delivery is provided by independent service providers.

Picking with  Delivery Service
Full range of services to make your IKEA experience more complete
Home Delivery
Most of our products are designed and packaged so that you can take them home yourself. If you prefer, we can arrange delivery (by an independent company) of your purchases directly to your home or business starting at just $59. Same day, next day or future dates are available depending on your zip code.


Same day delivery pricing:
● TIME - TIME only
Same day delivery available if booked by XX:XXpm, space permitting. Same day zip codes & deliver pricing PDF

Next Day/Future Day delivery pricing:
● Next Day Delivery - TIME - TIME only, TIME - TIME only, TIME - TIME only
● Future Delivery - TIME - TIME only

(OPTIONAL) Delivery zip codes & pricing PDF

To locate your delivery rate, open the spreadsheet below then:
1.) Press the CTRL button and the letter F at the same time on your keyboard
2.) Enter your zip code in the box that appears
3.) Hit Enter

*Delivery offer valid in-store only. Offer does not apply to online orders. Delivery is provided by independent service providers.

Home Delivery
Delivery with Assembly
IKEA products are designed to be assembled by you. That way, you’ll save the most money. However, we can arrange delivery and assembly of your new products for your home or business by an experienced independent services provider.

Assembly service prices start at $89 when delivery is purchased and are based on value of merchandise, excluding sales tax.
$0 - $299 --- $89
$300 - $599 --- $159
$600 - $999 --- $259
$1000 - $1499 --- $359
$1500 - $1999 --- $469
$2000 - $2499 --- $569
$2500 - $2999 --- $679
$3000 - $3499 --- $779

After $3499, each additional tier of $500 value of merchandise is an additional $100 for assembly.

● Sofa assembly/cover -- $39 (if applicable)
● Mattress cost -- included with delivery

*Assembly is arranged when home delivery is ordered in the store. Assembly is not available for online orders. Please see the above home delivery zip codes PDF for details about assembly to your area. In-home service provided by independent service provider.

Measuring Service
Kitchen Measurements
Measure once! Just like preparing ingredients to bake a perfect cake, careful measuring is key to the success of your new kitchen. Precise measurements and an accurate survey of the conditions of your existing kitchen lead to an accurate kitchen plan and ease of installation. But not everyone is good with a ruler or feels confident about taking on this straightforward but critical step in the process.

That’s why we are happy to offer a Measuring Service that will send an experienced professional from an independent service provider to your home to assess the conditions and provide accurate measurements. Not only can this service save you all kinds of headaches, but when you buy an IKEA kitchen, it costs you nothing – your Measurement Service fee is refunded to you when you buy an IKEA kitchen.

Measuring Service includes:
• Room dimension (height, length, width)
• Dimension and position of windows and doors
• Position of external walls
• Width of all windows (including sill) and their height above the floor
• Position of sloping ceilings
• Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures, e.g. Pipes, radiators, etc.
• Confirm that all room corners are square
• Confirm that all included walls are plumb
• All required dimensions will be entered into the IKEA Home Planner, saved to your own account under your unique user profile within 24 hours.

Kitchen Measurements
You can do it all yourself. But you don't have to.
Kitchen Services
IKEA FAMILY members who purchase an IKEA Individual Kitchen Planning service starting at $199, and purchase an IKEA Kitchen on or before August 31, 2016, will receive an IKEA Gift Card equal to the value of the service, to be used on a future purchase.

See a Kitchen co-worker for more details!

IKEA Kitchen Services
Set up a kitchen order!
Kitchen Installation Services Specialist (KISS)
Our Kitchen Installation Services Specialist can help you start your kitchen buying process, which includes individual kitchen planning, installation, measuring, and delivery. We set you up with a kitchen planner who will visit your home and help you create your dream kitchen, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

To set up a phone appointment with our KISS specialist contact:

Here’s some helpful documents to get started on your kitchen order. Please submit these to our KISS Specialist with your initial e-mail inquiry.

IKEA 2015 Kitchens Brochure

IKEA Kitchen Services Brochure

Individual Kitchen Planning Checklist

In-home services and delivery provided by Independent Service Providers.

Kitchen Installation Services Specialist (KISS)
Installation Price Quote
Certified Kitchen Installation
Crafted, skilled, certified
As an IKEA customer, you have the right to expect that your kitchen project will be completed with the greatest skill and care. The Certified Kitchen Installers not only have skilful hands but they also understand the inherent methods of installation required by the IKEA cabinet system. There is no question that correct installation will add years to the useful life of your kitchen. With help, you’ll soon be cooking in the kitchen of your dreams.

IKEA Certified Kitchen Installers
The installers are dedicated professionals who undergo rigorous training and uphold high standards of trust, quality, project management, and craftsmanship to ensure that your kitchen is done right.

5 year warranty
Certified Kitchen Installers are IKEA certified, licensed, insured and warranty their work for 5 years post completion on IKEA supplied kitchen products.

In-home services and delivery provided by Independent Service Providers.

IKEA Certified Kitchen Installation
IKEA Business
A lot of our furnishings go to work every day!
Savvy business owners know the importance of making a great first impression. At IKEA Round Rock you will discover thousands of affordable quality products and smart design ideas for your business. Our showroom is full of inspirational furnishing and organizing solutions that will make your work day more comfortable and efficient. Whether you run a pop-up café or a tech consulting firm, if you’re just about to start or have been around for decades, we’re here to make things work for you.

Check out our IKEA Business site to find great ideas for collaborative workstations, reception areas, meeting spaces, break rooms, and storage solutions for your everyday needs. We also have an IKEA Business consultant who can help find the best solutions for you. Call the store today to schedule a free appointment at 512-310-8027 x 1930 or send us an email at

To see the latest IKEA Business Brochure, click here and to go to the 3D Office Planning Tool, click here.

IKEA Gift Cards
IKEA gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion and with the flexibility of thousands of potential presents at our store, the IKEA gift card allows your loved one to choose what they really want for themselves.

Purchase a gift card today, available in any amount up to $500, at our cash lanes.

IKEA gift card
Return Policy
If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 90 days of purchase. A receipt is required for all returns and exchanges.

Mattresses "Love it or Exchange it" Return Policy

You may exchange your mattress once within 90 days if you don't love it. Return your mattress with your receipt to the store and select your new mattress. We are unable to exchange your mattress if your merchandise is found to be dirty, stained, damaged or abused.

You will also be required to present a valid ID. This is required for all returns and exchanges made in store. Information from your ID will be retained in a company wide database to be used only for authorizing returns.

heart return picture
Kids at IKEA!
Family Friendly Services
IKEA Round Rock offers a wide array of family friendly services to make your shopping experience more complete. At IKEA Round Rock you'll find:

● Playhouses throughout the store
● Family restrooms
● Strollers
● Bottle warmers, high chairs, and a play area for children in the restaurant
● FREE children's activities throughout the year
● Meals for children

PLUS! Småland, a FREE supervised children's play area. If your child is between 37" to 54" and potty trained.

kids in ballroom