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Happening Now at IKEA Portland

Imagine a universe of creatures whose only dream is to make the world a better place. This is GLÖDANDE, a limited edition collection developed in collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. His energetic and quirky imagination spreads across the collection like magic dust, mixing color, patterns and prints in unpredictable ways.
You'll find most of the collection in our Self Serve Warehouse. If you see something you want - hurry in! These products are only available while supplies last.
Duvet cover length: 86 " Duvet cover width: 64 " Pillowcase length: 20 " Duvet cover length: 218 cm Duvet cover width: 162 cm Pillowcase length: 51 cm
Length: 118 " Width: 59 " Area: 48.44 sq feet Length: 300 cm Width: 150 cm Area: 4.50 m²
Length: 27 ¼ " Width: 20 ½ " Length: 69 cm Width: 52 cm
Width: 19 ¾ " Height: 27 ½ " Width: 50 cm Height: 70 cm
Length: 20 " Width: 20 " Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm
Width: 10 ¾ " Depth: 17 " Height: 7 " Width: 27 cm Depth: 43 cm Height: 18 cm
Diameter: 11 " Diameter: 28 cm
Length: 11 ¾ " Height: 14 ¼ " Length: 30 cm Height: 36 cm
Diameter: 6 " Height: 3 " Diameter: 14 cm Height: 7 cm
Length: 9 " Width: 8 " Length: 24 cm Width: 20 cm
A Study in Style
Getting ready for college is a multi-step process, but it all starts with style.

Get inspired by our favorite back-to-college style collections.

Some products require assembly. All textiles shown are imported. See IKEA store for country of origin information. Not all products may be available online or in all stores.
Study in Style
ANVÄNDBAR Collection
A greener lifestyle is a kinder life for you and the home you live in. Saving water. Saving energy. Sorting waste. Doing little things when and where you can. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it makes a difference. This is a new collection that lets your everyday make a greener lifestyle in the home not only easy, but enjoyable. The collection features natural, basic products made of natural, basic materials.
Width: 37 3/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 13 3/8 " Width: 95 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 34 cm
Length: 11 " Width: 7 " Height: 5 " Length: 28 cm Width: 19 cm Height: 12 cm
Length: 7 " Width: 5 " Height: 4 " Length: 18 cm Width: 13 cm Height: 9 cm
Length: 17 ¾ " Height: 18 " Length: 45 cm Height: 46 cm
A healthier planet begins at home
Sustainability Guide
A Healthier Planet
Begins at Home
If you're looking for simple solutions with a big impact for the planet - click the link below.

Discover products and solutions that will help you live a more sustainable life at home. From energy savings to water conservation and waste reduction to food sourcing - we have put together a guide with simple steps you can take to bring sustainability home.

Products for Portland
We have some special products here at IKEA Portland! These are exclusive to our store and just a handful of other stores in the country.

One that's especially great for our large dog community is the BLIXTRANDE pet waste bag - just 98¢ for a 50-pack!

Another great product that we had years ago and just got back in is the BRATTBY bag. This was really popular - a one gallon, reusable little blue bag, great for shopping and all kinds of purposes. It is just 68¢!

If you want one of these products - don't wait. Hurry in!

IKEA Portland Exclusive