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IKEA FOOD at IKEA Portland

They say the way to your loved one's heart is through their stomach. Our Swedish Food Market has you covered this Valentine's Day. Candy, cookies, chocolate and deserts of all sorts are waiting for you.

The Swedish Food Market is located just past the checkouts before the exits.
Net weight: 1 lb 5 oz Net weight: 600 g
Net weight: 14.1 oz Net weight: 400 g
Net weight: 12 oz Net weight: 350 g
Weight: 14.1 oz Weight: 400 g
Net weight: 11.3 oz Net weight: 320 g
Net weight: 1 lb 9 oz Net weight: 700 g
Net weight: 15.9 oz Net weight: 450 g
Net weight: 6.4 oz Net weight: 180 g
Net weight: 8.5 oz Net weight: 240 g
Net weight: 6 oz Net weight: 176 g
Party table
Make This Valentine's Day Special
It's time to get all warm and fuzzy with our style tips and project ideas for making your loved ones feel extra special this Valentine's Day.

Get Inspiration

Set the mood with candles and vases to create a romantic display at the table.

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Start date night early with breakfast in bed. Then continue it through the day with sweet treats and savory meals before a dessert you baked yourself caps the perfect night with your Valentine.

4 Sweet & Savory Waffle Recipes

More Recipes from Lunch to Dinner to Dessert

Shop Bakeware

Prepare with Love!
Find all the easy to prepare food in the cold cases and shelves of our Swedish Food Market. Baking accessories are available in our Cooking & Eating Department. Look for gifts and décor in our Home Decoration Department.
Volume: 1.6 qt Volume: 1.5 l
Width: 19 ¾ " Height: 19 ¾ " Width: 50 cm Height: 50 cm
Net weight: 25.4 oz Net weight: 720 g
Net weight: 1 lb 2 oz Net weight: 500 g
Net weight: 1 lb 2 oz Net weight: 500 g
Net weight: 8 oz Net weight: 240 g
Diameter: 3 ½ " Height: 5 ½ " Burning time: 55 hr Diameter: 9 cm Height: 14 cm Burning time: 55 hr
Net weight: 18.0 oz Package quantity: 6 pack Net weight: 510 g Package quantity: 6 pack
Package quantity: 9 pack Package quantity: 9 pack
Length: 11 ½ " Length: 29 cm

Utz Certified Good Inside! Coffee, Espresso and Chocolate!

Utz Certified good inside products are products you can feel great about buying and serving to your family. All IKEA coffees, 70% Dark Chocolate bar, and now our other three chocolate bars are Utz Certified! The chocolate bars make great stocking stuffers! You can trace any Utz Certified product back to the farm it was grown on. Utz Certification means that special care is taken to make sure that the coffee and cocoa are grown with care for quality, the environment and the people who grow it. To learn more visit

It's Organic!
We have a lot of great products that are organic too! Our Utz Certified medium roast ground coffee is also organic along with all of our jams and more that you'll find exclusively in our Swedish Food Market.
Net weight: 15.0 oz Net weight: 425 g
Net weight: 14 oz Net weight: 400 g
Weight: 5.3 oz Weight: 150 g
Net weight: 6.7 oz Net weight: 190 g
Pick & Mix Candy Bar
Our Pick & Mix candy station is open in our Swedish Food Market!

LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick & Mix candy is from Sweden, has no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, no artificial colors and is GMO free too!

Lördagsgodis means "Saturday candy" in Swedish. This beloved Scandinavian tradition dates back several decades. Children were allowed to visit the local store every Saturday for a big bag of mixed candy. Lördagsgodis has since grown to include any day of the week when children and adults alike splurge on candy. Try a bag yourself! 60+ combinations! Just $7.99/lb!

LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick and Mix Candy