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A little orange card means big benefits for our biggest fans!
It's our FREE loyalty program IKEA FAMILY!


Bring your card every time you visit the store for
these fantastic FREE benefits:

• Get discounts on popular products every month!
• Save on IKEA FAMILY products with your member card!
• Enjoy FREE coffee or tea every time you visit the IKEA Restaurant!
• Give your kids more Småland time- 30 extra minutes! (Capacity-depending)
• Get a personal web portal filled with shopping lists and special features!
• Every time you scan your IKEA FAMILY card, we'll enter your name in our monthly drawing to win a $100 IKEA Gift Card!


Kitchen Event On Now!

It's a great time to be a member of IKEA FAMILY as we celebrate 10 years of design in Portland - especially if you're looking to buy your dream kitchen!

October 5 - November 20, 2016, members save 10% on custom countertops and all appliances*
September 1 - December 31, 2016, members who spend $10,000 or more on a new kitchen at IKEA Portland will save 10%!**
We've added expanded services to make getting your dream kitchen even easier!
- Appointments available to purchase your new kitchen
- Extra time in Småland for kitchen customer kids!
- Dedicated phone line and kitchen specialist to help with all your after-sales needs
We'll give you a voucher for $30 to spend in our Swedish Food Market to help stock your new kitchen too!

*Offer valid at IKEA Portland only October 5 - November 20, 2016. Valid for new and existing IKEA FAMILY members. No minimum purchase required for appliances. We offer a wide range of custom made countertops in Quartz and Acrylic. Ask an IKEA Portland kitchen co-worker for details on minimum size requirements for customer countertop purchases and for more information about color choices and additional options.
**Offer valid at IKEA Portland only September 1 - December 31, 2016 for IKEA FAMILY members. Includes SEKTION cabinet frames, fronts, drawers, shelves, cover panels, molding, toekicks, legs, hinges, countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets, knobs and handles, UTRUSTA fixed interiors, UTRUSTA and OMLOPP countertop, interior glass door cabinet and drawer lighting. Based on a single kitchen purchase over $10,000. This offer cannot be combined with other offers. Additional terms and conditions apply; see an IKEA Portland kitchen co-worker for details.

Learn More About Our 10 Year Celebration Offers and Events
Members Save More!
Savings make fall a little more delicious for IKEA FAMILY!

We've set the table with offers for our IKEA FAMILY members! From knives to cookware - and the table to serve the big meal with room for guests - you'll find what you need for the season.

Always bring your member card with you! Some of these offers are valid at IKEA Portland only. Come in to see even more.
Length: 85 7/8 " Min. length: 68 7/8 " Max. length: 102 3/8 " Length: 218 cm Min. length: 175 cm Max. length: 260 cm
Max. length: 65 3/8 " Diameter: 45 1/4 " Height: 29 1/8 " Max. length: 166 cm Diameter: 115 cm Height: 74 cm
Length: 70 7/8 " Min. length: 55 1/8 " Max. length: 86 5/8 " Length: 180 cm Min. length: 140 cm Max. length: 220 cm
Width: 62 1/4 " Depth: 14 1/8 " Height: 17 3/4 " Width: 158 cm Depth: 36 cm Height: 45 cm
Length: 27 1/2 " Min. length: 19 5/8 " Max. length: 35 3/8 " Length: 70 cm Min. length: 50 cm Max. length: 90 cm
Length: 78 3/8 " Width: 41 3/8 " Height: 45 5/8 " Length: 199 cm Width: 105 cm Height: 116 cm
Length: 63 " Width: 38 ¼ " Height: 26 ¾ " Length: 160 cm Width: 97 cm Height: 68 cm
Length: 63 " Width: 38 ¼ " Height: 26 ¾ " Length: 160 cm Width: 97 cm Height: 68 cm
Length: 98 " Width: 55 " Weight: 4 lb 13 oz Length: 250 cm Width: 140 cm Weight: 2.18 kg
Width: 16 1/8 " Depth: 23 5/8 " Height: 29 1/2 " Width: 41 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 75 cm
Diameter: 13 " Height: 68 " Diameter: 32 cm Height: 1 m 72 cm
Height: 22 " Base diameter: 6 " Shade diameter: 9 " Height: 55 cm Base diameter: 15 cm Shade diameter: 22 cm
Thread count: 236 /inch² Length: 20 " Width: 30 " Thread count: 236 /inch² Length: 51 cm Width: 76 cm
Length: 55 " Width: 28 " Area: 10.55 sq feet Length: 140 cm Width: 70 cm Area: 0.98 m²
Length: 20 " Width: 20 " Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm
Picture without mat, width: 12 " Picture without mat, height: 16 " Picture with mat, width: 8 " Picture without mat, width: 31 cm Picture without mat, height: 41 cm Picture with mat, width: 20 cm
Members Who
Ride MAX Save!*
IKEA FAMILY members ride MAX and save $10 on Delivery! IKEA Portland is located right at the Cascades Station MAX stop on the Red Line. Using public transportation is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and it is very convenient. The Portland store wants to encourage ridership so we offer an everyday $10 Delivery discount to IKEA FAMILY member MAX riders!
This discount is also good for IKEA FAMILY members who ride MAX riders and opt for our Picking & Delivery Service.

*IKEA FAMILY members only. Discount for fare must be valid on date of IKEA purchase. Excludes MAX tickets purchased at Cascades Station. Offer valid at IKEA Portland only through December 31, 2016. Come into the store and ask a co-worker for more information.
MAX trains
IKEA Portland Exclusive
Products for Portland
We have some special products here at IKEA Portland! These are exclusive to our store and just a handful of other stores in the country.

One that's especially great for our large dog community is the BLIXTRANDE pet waste bag - just 98¢ for a 50-pack!

Another great product that we had years ago and just got back in is the BRATTBY bag. This was really popular - a one gallon, reusable little blue bag, great for shopping and all kinds of purposes. It is just 68¢!

If you want one of these products - don't wait. Hurry in!