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IKEA Home Shopping Kitchens

Kitchen Planner
Function and Style all in one
Why not have it your way? When you make an investment in your kitchen it’s important that you get what you want... and IKEA wants to help. We provide all the tools you need to plan your dream kitchen, and it couldn’t be easier! Simply download IKEA’s kitchen planner and begin dropping cabinets into your new kitchen where you like them… its easier then putting a puzzle together. And best of all, you can see your kitchen in 3D when you're done so that you can envision yourself in it before it’s in your home. Click below to download the planner and get started today!
Find what you're looking for…
Choose your style
No matter what your style: Modern, Country or Scandinavian, IKEA has a kitchen solution for you. Choose from more then 20 different door styles that will bring your kitchen to life.
Appliances that match your kitchen
IKEA by Whirlpool appliances… The experience of Whirlpool with the style of IKEA… it’s a match made in heaven. Click below to view IKEA’s line of appliances specially designed to match our kitchens.

Did you know that IKEA carries ENERGY STAR qualified appliances? Energy star appliances can save families about a third on their energy bill. Click below for more information on Energy Star.
Get Organized
Cluttered Kitchen?
IKEA has everything you need to organize your kitchen... from drawers with dividers that you can stack your plates inside to pull out cabinets that make it easy to find things at the back of your cabinet.