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IKEA Carson Events & Activities

What's happening at IKEA Carson?
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What's happening at IKEA Carson?
How Do You Live?
Help us Design Solutions Just For YOU!
IKEA Carson wants to improve our true-to-life home furnishing solutions throughout IKEA Carson showrooms. We'd love to visit your home, snap some pictures and ask a few questions about your home furnishing needs and challenges and learn about your dreams for your home. The visits will be conducted between September 9-13 and will last around an hour. If we end up visiting your home, we'll thank you with a $50 IKEA Gift Card.

If interested, please email us your contact information and we'll call you between August 21-23 to set up a time to visit your home.

Life Improvement Challenge 2014
You Chose It!
As part of the 4th annual Life Improvement Challenge, IKEA Carson will remodel the library at Hickory Elementary School. Hickory Elementary School is a public elementary school in Torrance, CA.

IKEA Carson co-workers had a blast fixing up the new library. Students will return to school after a wonderful summer vacation to enjoy a bright and friendly library, ready to introduce kids to the joys of reading.

This image shows a small part of the makeover. The reading nook is ready for all the students to enjoy.

The 2015 Life Improvement Challenge will be here before we know it, what local community organization do you think would benefit from an IKEA makeover?

Life Improvement Challenge 2014
Creating a better life for people and our communities
IKEA Carson in the Community
Our IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many.
To this end, we have long-standing collaborations with UNICEF, Save the Children and American Forest to impact the health, Safety, education and well being of children in need, as well as, minimizing our impact to the environment.

Due to the overwhelming number of donation requests, our giving is very focused. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we simply cannot.

Our gift guidelines and application can be viewed in the links below. The guidelines will help determine if your organization is a good fit with our giving guidelines, please understand that although your organization may fit one or more of the requirements, it is not a guarantee that your request will be honored.

Priority will be given to local community initiatives where IKEA Carson is located, with a focus on the importance of supporting our neighboring South Bay Community.
Our Social Responsibility