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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

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Thank you to our co-workers!
IKEA U.S. is listed on the 2016 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list! We thank our co-workers for making IKEA a great workplace!

IKEA is a values driven company with a strong culture that offers an outstanding co-worker experience. We are grateful that our unique culture and values, together with the investments that we’ve made in our co-workers, help to make working at IKEA a great experience for our co-workers.
Thanks to you, these local charities will receive IKEA products and an IKEA make
After weeks of your voting and support, the 2016 IKEA Life Improvement Challenge winners have been chosen!

Click below for a complete list of the first place 43 winners who each won an IKEA makeover of a space that helps to improve the lives of others. The runners up will also receive IKEA product donations as a token of our appreciation for participating in this year’s contest.

We would like to thank you again for your support of this year’s contest, and hope you vote again next time around! We know the charities certainly value your support.
Follow our co-workers’ journey!
IKEA believes in improving opportunities for children and their families. Several co-workers are traveling to rural West Virginia to visit Save the Children literacy programs funded by IKEA USA.
Save the Children Early Steps to School Success Program The Early Steps to School Success program currently works in eight communities in five counties serving 3,197 children. The program lays a critical foundation of language, literacy skills, and social and emotional development for children from birth to age five. This includes home visits, book exchanges, parenting groups and an emphasis on transition to school, including equipping parents and caregivers with the skills to successfully support children’s growth.

Our co-worker will witness first-hand how this program funded by IKEA USA is helping children. Follow our co-workers’ journey on our new Instagram account @IKEAUSAjourneys!
Are you planning a group trip to IKEA Canton?
Let us know so we can be prepared to receive your group and offer advice for a great visit. Just send us an email at with the date and time you will be arriving and the number of people in your group.

Are you planning a group trip to IKEA Canton?
Solar panel installation
As part of our commitment to sustainability, IKEA has installed a solar energy system atop this store. The 122,200 square foot array consists of a 977.6-kW system, built with approximately 4,160 panels. IKEA Canton’s solar program will produce approximately 1,114,943 kWh of clean electricity annually - the equivalent of reducing 769 tons of carbon dioxide, eliminating the emissions of 151 cars or powering 96 homes yearly.
IKEA US Community Involvement Program & Application
Creating a better life for children in our community
IKEA wants to play a part in creating a better life for the people and the communities touched by our business. This has always been part of our approach, and it is even more important today as our business continues to grow.

Here are a just a few examples of the ways IKEA Canton is working towards being a valued and active member of our local community.

Because our resources are limited, IKEA Canton has defined initiatives that we do NOT support. Traditionally, they include: fundraising events; third party groups raising funds for charities; requests for IKEA Canton to solicit donations from customers; requests benefiting one person or family; religious (or for religious purposes), political or labour/fraternal organizations; sports related groups or activities; individuals or groups seeking assistance or participating in contests and competitions; non-academic programs including clubs, troops, band competitions or summer camps; organizations that are not open to all members of the community; foundations, capital campaigns or endowment programs; partnerships that involve IKEA Canton distributing literature or any other objects, items, materials to co-workers or customers on company property at any time; and advocacy or research groups.

Our community support guidelines and application can be viewed on the link below. Due to the overwhelming number of donation requests, our giving is very focused. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we simply cannot.

The guidelines and application will determine if your organization is a fit within our giving policy. Please understand that although your organization may fit one or more of the requirements, it is not a guarantee that your request will be honored.
Local Community Support
Most recently, we have donated to the following organizations:

-Dr Benjamin Carson High School
-Cody High School
-Project Night
-Starfish Family Services
-The Corner Health Center
-Gleaners Community Food Bank