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IKEA Burbank Events & Activities

IKEA Burbank Events & Activities
There's always something happening at IKEA Burbank!
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IKEA Burbank Events & Offers
Friday, August 15, 2014
Crayfish Party!
All you need to party! During a few late summer weeks in July/August, crayfish parties are held all over Sweden. For first-timers, they must seem pretty strange. Moon lanterns hang from the ceiling or surrounding trees to create the right atmosphere. Everybody wears funny hats and bibs with crayfish motifs and gladly joins in on the drinking songs.

Join us on Friday August 15 for the IKEA Burbank CRAYFISH PARTY!
1st seating 3:30 – 5:30pm
2nd seating 6:30 – 8:30pm

Crayfish Party Menu*
• Tossed green salad
• Cucumber salad Hardboiled eggs with mayo and shrimp
• Shell on prawns with cocktail sauce
• Najad Salmon w/Horseradish or Mustard Sauce Cheese
• Crispbread, Crisprolls, Dinner rolls
• Assorted Swedish Cheeses
• Meatballs with Lingonberries
• Mashed Potatoes
• Boiled Dill New Potatoes
• Rhubarb Crumble Tarte, Elderflower Cupcakes Cookies and other assorted desserts
• Coffee, Tea, Fountain Beverage

*Menu subject to change. Tickets must be purchased prior to the day of event. Seating is limited. Tickets will not be available on the day of the event.

Get your tickets today in the IKEA Restaurant.
Adult tickets only $9.99; Children 12 & under are $2.49
Adult tickets are $12.99; Children 12 & under are $4.99

Seatings available:
● 3:30pm - 5:30pm
● 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The IKEA Restaurant will close at 2:00pm that day to prepare for this special event. Our Swedish Food Market and Bistro will be open and available all day.

Crayfish Party!
Planning a New IKEA Burbank
As you may be aware, IKEA has proposed building a bigger and newer IKEA Burbank to replace the existing store that opened in 1990. (Click HERE for news release from November 2012.)

The proposed IKEA Burbank relocation will have improved access, shopping space, and parking, as well as plenty of room in the Self-Serve Furniture Area to inventory your favourite items onsite. We are excited about this opportunity to enhance the shopping experience and product selection offered at IKEA Burbank. And, we are appreciative of receiving unanimous approval from the City of Burbank Planning Board and City Council!

This new IKEA Burbank could open as early as Fall 2016, and would provide economic benefits to the neighbouring community through increased jobs and sales tax revenue, as well as increase vehicular flow and pedestrian safety along the S. San Fernando corridor. Thank you to everyone who voiced support for this project.

The Proposed New IKEA Burbank and your help in making it happen
IKEA Burbank has a solar energy system!
IKEA has announced it has completed installation of solar panels on the roof of this IKEA store. We are excited by this commitment of IKEA to use renewable energy, reduce our carbon footprint and continue to improve the lives of the many people.

Creating a better life for people and our communities
IKEA Burbank Gift Giving Guidelines
Due to the overwhelming number of donation requests, our giving is very focused. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we simply cannot.

Our gift giving guidelines and application can be viewed on the link below. The guidelines will help determine if your organization is a fit with our giving guidelines. Please understand that although your organization may fit one or more of the requirements, it is not a guarantee that your request will be honored.

Priority will be given to local community initiatives where the IKEA store is located, with a focus at IKEA Burbank on the importance of supporting our neighborhing Burbank community.