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IKEA Burbank Events & Activities

IKEA Burbank Events & Activities
There's always something happening at IKEA Burbank!
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IKEA Burbank Events & Offers
February 13 & February 27, 2016
Kitchen Workshop
Join us for an informative Kitchen planning workshop that will help you get started on the road to planning your IKEA dream kitchen! We will go over product information about our SEKTION kitchen cabinets, appliances, and countertop options.

IKEA kitchens were designed to be installed by you, but we know sometimes a little help makes the process go more smoothly. Our menu of services gives you the flexibility to do as much or as little work as you like to bring your dream kitchen to life! From measurement services, to individual kitchen plan and professional installation we will help you select the service that is right for you.

Join us on February 13th and 27th at 12:00pm and 3:00pm in the Kitchens Department.

Register here for the workshops:
We love pets - but they can't shop in IKEA Burbank.
Unfortunately, due to public health codes, we cannot not allow pets inside IKEA Burbank.

We welcome ADA-qualified service animals that are specifically trained to work or perform a task for people with disabilities.

According to the ADA: Service animals are defined as dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability.

Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

Under the ADA, the service animal must already be trained before it can be taken into public places. IKEA Burbank does not allow service animals in training within the store.

Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

Thank you for your understanding.

We love pets - but they can't shop in IKEA Burbank.
Thanks to you, these local charities will receive an IKEA makeover!
After weeks of your voting and support, this year’s IKEA Life Improvement Challenge winners have been chosen!

Click HERE for a complete list of winners who each won an IKEA makeover of a space that helps to improve the lives of others. The runners up will also receive an IKEA gift card as a token of our appreciation for participating in this year’s contest.

We would like to thank you again for your support of this year’s contest, and hope you vote again next time around! We know the charities certainly value your support.
IKEA is all-in for cotton from more sustainable sources!
As of September 1, 2015 – all cotton used in the future production of IKEA products will come from more sustainable sources.

Cotton from more sustainable sources means that the cotton is grown with less water, less chemical fertilizer and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for farmers leading to a better quality of life for their families, including schooling for their children through our collaborations with UNICEF and Save the Children.

Cotton is an important raw material for IKEA, used in many products, from sofas to towels. However, when grown conventionally, cotton farming uses large amounts of chemicals and water, raising costs and making it harder for farmers to earn a living. This milestone is part of a long journey to help transform the cotton industry. In 2010, IKEA together with the conservation organization WWF and other leading public and private organization’s helped set up the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
IKEA is all-in for cotton from more sustainable sources
Progress on a new IKEA Burbank!
IKEA is building a bigger and newer IKEA Burbank to replace the existing store that opened in 1990. (Click HERE for news release from September 2015.)

The 456,000-square-foot new IKEA store will be built on 22 acres west of San Fernando Boulevard and south of Providencia Avenue, less than one mile from the original store and with improved accessibility. It will have a more straightforward entrance and parking circulation, as well as a much larger shopping space inside, including 50 inspirational room settings, a larger restaurant, as well as plenty of room in the Self-Serve Furniture Area to inventory your favorite items onsite. We are excited about this opportunity to enhance the shopping experience and product selection offered at IKEA Burbank.

We appreciate the support from the City of Burbank for this project. However, before the store’s actual grand opening, there still is much work to do. Spring and Summer 2015 will be focused on preparing the site for construction, and we anticipate an official groundbreaking in this Fall, 2015. Until the new, roomier store opens in Spring 2017, you can continue to shop at the existing IKEA Burbank.
The Proposed New IKEA Burbank and your help in making it happen
Creating a better life for people and our communities
IKEA Burbank Gift Giving Guidelines
Our community support guidelines and application can be viewed on the link below. Due to the overwhelming number of donation requests, our giving is very focused. While we wish we could support all worthy organizations, we simply cannot.

The guidelines and application will determine if your organization is a fit within our giving policy. Please understand that although your organization may fit one or more of the requirements, it is not a guarantee that your request will be honored.