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Labeling tips for your bedroom storage

Oct 01 2014
A black rustic style wooden wardrobe filled with clothes; the close-up showing some blue and white striped pillow cases on top of it, that are being used as storage. They have labels attached listing their contents.
With a little creativity, even the smallest spaces can be used for storage.
Two storage boxes under a white bed with red and white patterned quilt cover on top. One of the storage boxes is pulled out from under the bed.
A close up of a storage box with the lid off and a photograph of the contents taped to the side.
Under the bed
For some, images are better triggers of memory. For a quick and simple labeling option take a picture of the contents of your boxes and attach it to the side for instant recognition of what’s inside.

Not everyone has endless space for storage in their bedroom. If you’re short on bedroom storage space, take over the area under the bed. These wide but shallow storage boxes fit perfectly. You won’t even know they’re there.