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Small steps to a safe nursery

The best way to approach safety in the nursery is to look at the key activities and zones and approach each of them individually. We’ve put together our top tips on what to look out for in cribs, diaper changing, and play. Add in a comfortable place for you to feed and watch your little one and you’ve got the complete package.
A nursery with Children’s IKEA changing table, crib, armchair, rug and floor lamp.
When it comes to choosing a crib, look for one with rounded edges and no small parts or screws for curious hands to find.
A Children’s IKEA crib with adjustable base and storage drawers underneath.
Safe and sound asleep
A crib that adapts will take you safely through the different stages of babyhood and beyond. First position the base up high making it easy for you to reach your baby. When they can sit up, move the base down. Later, remove one of the sides so your child can get in and out without climbing over the bars.

Experts advise against cuddly toys and loose covers in a crib. A well-ventilated mattress topped off with a washable mattress pad, fitted sheet and a baby sleeping bag is best. Bumper pads give extra protection and stop arms and legs from getting stuck.
A Children’s IKEA changing table with baby mobile and wall shelf above it.
Diaper change like a pro
A good changing table is easy to clean with raised sides to help keep your baby in one place. But because babies like to surprise you, you should always keep one hand on them at all times. For that reason, it’s essential you have everything you need within easy reach. Shelves above the table and more storage below will help.

Of course, being prepared is only half the battle and not every baby likes being changed. Try hanging a mobile above the table so they have something to distract them. A soft light is also a good idea for nighttime changes, that way there’s a better chance they’ll fall right back to sleep.
A Children’s IKEA baby gym with soft toys on a rug in the nursery.
A safe place to play
Babies will put most things in their mouths. Not because they’re hungry but because it’s one of
the ways they learn about the world around them.
fLook or soft toys with embroidered eyes rather
than sewn or stuck on ones as these can become
loose. And because their hearing is delicate, keep sounds to a gentle low volume.

Playtime is best on the floor - they can’t fall off –
and a soft playmat with some stimulating toys
makes it extra comfy.