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Workspace lighting

Some inspiration for your bright ideas

The first step to a job well done? Being able to see the task at hand. Whether you’re paying the bills or putting the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece, our office lighting will make even the hardest of jobs feel a bit brighter.

Find the space that spurs your creativity
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A home office with TORNLIDEN desk in black, black FABRIKÖR glass cabinet and ROBERGET swivel chair in blue
A home office inside the living room with a desk in ash veneer and a swivel chair. Combined with white drawer units and open wall storage.
A black workstation with space for two screens, speakers, and storage on top, shown inside a living room.
A corner in the living room with a white desk and a swivel chair.
A home office with a white desk that is adjustable in height. Combined with a black standing support stool and drawer units in gray and green.
Directed reading lighting
A steel work lamp with adjustable arm and shade. See more work lamps
Focus the light to where you want it, thanks to the adjustable arm and head.
Make the most out of your workspace!
How many hours per day do spend sitting? Find out what you can do to create a happy and healthy workspace.
Download the IKEA brochure for office ergonomics (PDF)
Cover of the brochure for office ergonomics

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  • Office lighting to make your whole day brighter

    No matter how much you have to do, good office lighting will make it all a bit easier and brighten up your day. An adjustable work lamp, for example, will give you a concentrated beam of light that you can direct onto your work area, so you can see without straining your eyes. A light in the ceiling will light up the whole room - useful when you clean up or you've just dropped all your paperclips. So check out our wide range of office lighting, from floor lamps to ceiling spotlights. We have a large selection, including LED lights, which use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and last much longer.

  • Cozy and practical office lighting

    Another bright office lighting idea is to light up your bookcases to help you find your files or books. You could put some cabinet lighting on top of your bookcases, for example, to shine down on your files and provide nice background lighting in the bargain. And why not have a few table and floor lamps around your room? They'll make your office lighting feel cozy and inviting and help you avoid harsh contrasts between your well-lit desk and the rest of the room. Whatever office lighting you decide to go for, check to see if bulbs are included. If not, well, we sell those too.