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Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have a living room worth showing off.
Living room stripped back to bare walls and IKEA seating plus empty bookcases and tables.
Start with furniture
A common design mistake is filling the room with too much furniture, so be sure to measure first. Then, choose furniture based on the functions you need. And try to furnish in pairs – think matching sofa and armchair, matching side tables, and matching occassional tables. It’s our best tip for getting that efortlessly pulled-together look.
The same room, now with a selection of IKEA cushions and throw on the sofa.
Add textiles
Textiles give the effect of dressing a room, adding color, texture, style and comfort. We recommend sticking to a classic color like beige for the pieces that anchor your room – the sofa, rug and curtains. Then, use cushions and throws as accents. They’ll add just the right amount of color, and they can be easily changed when the mood strikes.
Same room finished with IKEA lamps and accessories: books, art, ornaments and magazines.
Finish it off with lighting and accessories
Cold or cozy – it all depends on lighting. Two table lamps on either side of the sofa make this space ideal for everything from reading to watching TV to socializing. And choosing ones that match adds symmetry and style, too.
Accessories are the finishing touch. Mix the things you like – both old and new – to create a stylish living room that could only be yours.
Stage the things you love to show them off. Collections look good grouped together, while large pieces can speak for themselves.