Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
A hand-drawn floor plan of a 100 square foot room.
A black and white portrait of IKEA Interior Designer Fredrik Biel.
"Your dorm room needs to function just like an entire home. It needs to be a bedroom, a living room, a study and have lots of storage space. I’ve tried to combine all these functional requirements with plenty of my own personal style to create a place to call home."

"With just 100 square feet to play with, I had to make the most of every single inch. To help me do this, I drew a plan of the room then played around with different layouts until I found one that offered the best use of space."
Fredrik Biel,
IKEA Interior Designer
The back wall of a dorm room with shelving filled with bedding, make up, cleaning products and clothes and a red and white striped blind at the window inbetween the two sets of shelves.
"Unlike your bedroom at home, you need to store more than just clothes and shoes in your dorm room. I created a place for storing things like bedding, cleaning products and toiletries that’s hidden away from view behind two curtains. The curtains run the entire width of the room, covering these two shelving units and still function just like regular curtains should. Plus, they offer an easy, cost-effective alternative for adding color or pattern to your room."
A front on image of wall shelves and corkboards painted blue and a black desk. There is a laptop on the desk and lots of pictures pinned to the corkboards.
"Seeing as you’re going to college to study, it’s really important to create a functional study zone. But it’s just as important to make it welcoming, personal and homely. I put my own stamp on this room by painting the corkboards, wall and untreated wooden cupboards in my favorite shade of blue. Plus, by painting everything the same color, the cupboards seem to disappear into the wall, creating an illusion of space and a feeling of calm."
A wooden bed with white quilt cover and a personalized handmade backrest against the wall.
"With all those late nights studying and partying, you will need to get a good night’s sleep. So you’ll want a real bed. But you still want a place to hang out and relax too. I’ve created this backrest using some fabric, folded around some cushions and attached to the wall using hooks. Using colorful fabric is another easy way to style your room, your way."
A room set up for viewing a film with a bed and mattress on the floor.
"Relax and enjoy your new home. Heat up some popcorn, turn on a film and invite your new friends over for a movie night."