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Curtains and blinds

Soften up your window view

We love the outdoors. But sometimes we want to keep outside elements, like sunlight, drafts and curious eyes, out. Curtains and blinds do this in a way that enhances your view from the inside, too. A multiple curtain solution allows you to make a stronger style statement while fine-tuning the amount of light or privacy you want.

MARIAM curtains, 1 pair, orange Length: 98 " Width: 57 " Weight: 5 lb 1 oz Length: 250 cm Width: 145 cm Weight: 2.30 kg
curtains, 1 pair
Length: 98 ", Width: 57 ", Weight: 5 lb 1 oz Length: 250 cm, Width: 145 cm, Weight: 2.30 kg
  • Curtains & blinds – practical meets personal

    Curtains and blinds are probably the most noticeable decorations on your wall. They make your home look more personal, and unlike wallpaper, they do lots of other practical jobs, too. We have a big choice of styles, colors and materials. You’ll find heavy curtains that make your home cozier, and thin, light curtains that let in the sun but keep the neighbors’ nosey glances out. We have blackout curtains and venetian blinds that let you adjust the natural light so that it’s always just right. And if you want to create a layer-on-layer effect with up to six layers of curtains, we have a curtain rail system that works with both our panel curtains and many of our other curtains.

  • Curtains to divide a room or match your rug

    Curtains and blinds are certainly great ideas for windows. But did you know that they can be very practical, affordable solutions in other places, too? You can hang curtains from the ceiling to divide up a room. Or you can use a curtain as the “door” of a wardrobe or a set of shelves. Many of our curtains and blinds match our rugs or bed linen or are even part of a collection, so you can get a set of soft furnishings in your favorite style. And they’re easy to change when you feel like giving your home a quick makeover. We also have rods, wires and rails to hang your curtains from and accessories like curtain rings, too.