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IKEA and Forestry
Wood is one of the most important raw materials for IKEA. This is why we take responsibility for the forest from which we source our wood. We have very tough demands and among the toughest systems in the world to control that those demands are met in every part of the chain and in every forest.

Karelia is an area with high nature values and the decision to source wood in this area brings on great responsibility. We take that responsibility very seriously. We source with long term consideration and we want to make sure that the way we source helps protect biodiversity.

In Karelia, IKEA has taken the lead to develop responsible forestry together with authorities, NGOs and local interests. This is paving the way for a more responsible forestry, in our lease and in Karelia as a whole.

Swedwood was the first company to be FSC certified in Karelia in 2006 and is annually inspected by an independent third party audit for compliance with the FSC standard.

All wood used for IKEA products must meet our minimum requirements, which include not using wood that has been illegally harvested. Our long-term goal is that all wood used in IKEA products shall be recycled or come from forests that are independently verified as responsibly managed (today FSC). The mid-term goal is 50% by FY17.

Responsible forestry is really about managing the forest in a way that protects bio-diversity, rather than focusing on the age of individual trees. We set aside 16-17% of the forest to protect high conservation values, which is well above legal requirements as well as FSC requirements. The level corresponds to the goal set by the UN in the Global Convention on Biological Diversity.

This, together with the region’s nature reserves the protected areas of the leasehold provide the basis for maintaining a viable population of species that depend on an old growth forest environment.

The certification system Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the strongest international certification standard available. We are convinced that the certification is an important tool to speed up the development of responsible forestry.

The FSC principles and criteria aim to strike a balance between what is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. It is about protecting biodiversity, ensuring re-growth, as well as protecting the rights and needs of those who work and live in the forest while also stimulating economic development.
IKEA recalls RUND handmade glass mug
IKEA kindly asks customers who have a RUND glass mug to immediately stop using the mug and bring it back to any IKEA store for full refund.