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Update on IKEA Chest of Drawers Recall
Fri Oct 20 10:00:00 UTC 2017
Through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), we have learned of a tragic tip-over accident which reportedly took place in May 2017 in California. Our hearts go out to the affected family, and we offer our sincere condolences during this most difficult time.

The initial investigation indicates that the chest involved in this incident had not been properly attached to the wall. IKEA urges all consumers to securely attach chests to the wall with the hardware included in every IKEA chest of drawers package. Wall attachment is a necessary part of the assembly instructions, which must not be overlooked. If it is impossible for units to be attached to the wall, consumers should choose a different storage solution.

The June 2016 chest of drawers recall in the US offered consumers a choice of several remedies which are still available today, and which we have communicated to consumers since the recall via our web site, through social media and email campaigns. Options available to consumers include having the chest removed free of charge from the consumers' home, having the chest anchored to the wall in the home free of charge, receiving a free wall anchor kit for self-installation or returning the product for a refund.

Since the recall, MALM and other IKEA chest of drawer models have been redesigned to meet the voluntary ASTM stability standard. Some chests have reduced drawer extension and on some chests the protective plastic feet have been moved forward. All IKEA chests of drawers currently being sold now meet those voluntary standards. However, they should still be attached to the wall.

We take our responsibility to communicate this recall very seriously and have gone to great lengths to get the word out. Our efforts went beyond both the industry standard as well as what was required by law, as follows:
•At the time of the recall, in addition to a press release, we proactively pitched the story to the national news, doing everything we could to encourage media coverage of the recall.
•We launched a national advertising campaign – TV, print, radio, digital and social media.
•Information about the recall and how to participate has been on the front page of our website ever since the announcement. It remains there to this day. Information about the recall is posted prominently in all our stores.
•Throughout the year, we have continued to promote the recall through both organic and paid social media. The most recent paid campaign took place throughout the summer.
•We created a consolidated landing page for the recall, and have recently updated it to make it even easier to find and use. All information about the recall is located in one place.
•We have sent over ten million emails about the recall to our consumer database.

We have worked hard to make participation in the recall as easy as possible for consumers. Consumers can return the item to any store for a refund, no receipt required. If a consumer is unable to bring the product back to the store, IKEA will arrange to pick it up at their home. Since these products are safe when attached to the wall, consumers can request a replacement wall attachment kit – either in-store, online or by phone. If consumers want to attach their unit to the wall, but are unable to do it themselves, IKEA will come to their home and secure it for them. Also, anyone who has followed the instructions and attached the unit to the wall does not need to participate in the recall, although they are welcome to.

Our Secure It! Campaign is a separate, global initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of wall attachment. Tip-over is an industry-wide issue that impacts more than just IKEA. Through Secure It! we’re trying to make wall attachment a fundamental part of home safety.

In addition to all of the action taken above, IKEA is also currently working hard on design innovations that will enhance product safety and further reduce the risk of tip-overs. We have committed to sharing those innovations with the entire furniture industry without charge.

For more information on the recall please visit –

For further information, please contact: Mona Astra Liss, IKEA US PR Director
610.834.0180, ext. 5852