Price Range (baht)
PJÄS basket, banana fibre Width: 32 cm Depth: 33 cm Height: 32 cm
THB 599
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 33 cm, Height: 32 cm
GLES box, green Width: 28 cm Depth: 38 cm Height: 20 cm
THB 59
Width: 28 cm, Depth: 38 cm, Height: 20 cm
PAPPIS box with lid, brown Width: 25 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 26 cm
box with lid
THB 39
Width: 25 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Height: 26 cm
SAMLA insert for box 11/22 l, transparent Width: 37 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 12 cm
insert for box 11/22 l
THB 59
Width: 37 cm, Depth: 25 cm, Height: 12 cm
BYHOLMA chest, grey Width: 72 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 50 cm
THB 2,590
Width: 72 cm, Depth: 50 cm, Height: 50 cm
KOMPLEMENT storage with compartments, white, textile Width: 46 cm Frame, width: 50 cm Depth: 56 cm
storage with compartments
THB 590
Width: 46 cm, Frame, width: 50 cm, Depth: 56 cm
KOMPLEMENT basket, white Width: 30 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 32 cm
THB 759
/3 pieces
Width: 30 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Height: 32 cm
KNIPSA basket, seagrass Width: 32 cm Depth: 33 cm Height: 32 cm
THB 790
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 33 cm, Height: 32 cm
KOTTEBO basket, coconut palm leaf Width: 32 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 32 cm
THB 690
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Height: 32 cm
KUPOL castor, light grey Building height: 5 cm Package quantity: 4 pieces
THB 100
/4 pieces
Building height: 5 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces
MAFFENS basket, seagrass Diameter: 45 cm Height: 37 cm
THB 599
Diameter: 45 cm, Height: 37 cm
MAGGA basket, seagrass Diameter: 32 cm Height: 25 cm
THB 299
Diameter: 32 cm, Height: 25 cm
NÄSUM basket, banana fibre Width: 32 cm Depth: 35 cm Height: 32 cm
THB 659
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 35 cm, Height: 32 cm
OMSORG shoe tree, large, 1 pair, assorted colours Length: 32 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 4 cm
shoe tree, large, 1 pair
THB 49
Length: 32 cm, Width: 10 cm, Height: 4 cm
RIFFLA basket, water hyacinth Diameter: 32 cm Height: 20 cm
THB 399
Diameter: 32 cm, Height: 20 cm
SAMLA box with lid, transparent Width: 28 cm Depth: 20 cm Height: 14 cm
box with lid
THB 69
Width: 28 cm, Depth: 20 cm, Height: 14 cm
  • Storage boxes & baskets – organisation with style

    Storage boxes and baskets are a great way to give all sorts of things a home of their own, so they don’t take over yours. Imagine what you could do with some of our stylish paper and media storage boxes, for example. You could bring order to your bills and receipts or find your favourite DVD in less time than it takes to pop the popcorn to eat while watching it. Here you’ll find a great mix of all styles of storage boxes and baskets to use all over your home. From see-through plastic storage boxes for your winter clothes to handwoven baskets to keep your tealights handy, we’ve got them

  • Storage boxes & baskets to get more from your storage

    Storage boxes and baskets help you make the most of your storage furniture. A few boxes where you can keep similar things together will soon bring order to any shelf or drawer in your home. Check out our open-top clothes boxes, for example, that make hunting for the right pair in your sock drawer a thing of the past. Or tidy up your bookcase with a nice, colourful box to hold that pile of old photos you’re planning to sort out someday. A lot of our baskets and storage boxes are sized to fit perfectly into our different storage furniture series so no space goes to waste. Check the product information for details of which goes with which.