Secondary storage

Get the bigger home you've always wanted

From your record collection to the gardening tools, secondary storage solutions help you create a place for the things you love. And by making the most of the space you have, you’ll finally have the room to enjoy using them, too.

Put a dent in your to-do list
Display of hammer drill, jigsaw, screwdriver, laser spirit level and other tools
From putting together your daughter’s brand new mountain bike to hanging up your collection of framed art cards, FIXA tools and fittings have everything you need to get the job done.
See more tools & fittings FIXA 114-piece cable management set THB 199 FIXA Hammer drill, li-ion THB 2,290 FIXA Jigsaw THB 990 FIXA Laser spirit level THB 499 FIXA 260-piece screw and plug set THB 249 FIXA Screwdriver/drill, li-ion THB 990 FIXA Screwdriver/drill, li-ion THB 990 FIXA 17-piece tool set THB 299
9 ideas for making the most of the space you have
Create an open-close toy storage solution in your living room using an old wardrobe that’s also got space for drawing, painting and creating. Create easy extra storage for books on a shelf above your window.A children’s room with pine furniture and lots of building blocksCan a family of four live comfortably in just 30 square metres? Yes. If you make the most of every square inch. A kitchen wall cabinet filled with old records.