Living room textiles & rugs

For cosiness with character

It’s hard to relax in a space that doesn’t feel like you – no matter how comfy it is. But with living room textiles – like cushions in a pattern you love, curtains in your favourite colour and a rug that’s just your style – it’s easy to create a space that’s as big on personality as it is on comfort.

Winter collection 2017
When the skies grow dark and wind turns cold, it’s time to retreat inside – and snuggle up. This year’s Winter collection has loads in natural textures and tones to make your home softer, warmer and more inviting.
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Transfer your house into your home with textiles
GURLI and LENDA textiles
Sustainable shade,
perfect length,
cosy atmosphere

LENDA curtains have an iron-on hemming strip, so you shorten them without sewing. The curtains are made of 100% cotton from more sustainable sources. They let you lower light levels for mood and provide privacy to your home.

Make room for dreams