Price Range (baht)
Mobile side table. Put anything you want on it. Serve food and drinks. Move it round on wheels, and make flexible use of available space.
A side table in solid beech with white powder coated steel shelves and four castors. Shown with glasses, a glass carafe and a pile of paper napkins.
HOL side table, acacia Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 50 cm
side table
THB 1,490
Length: 50 cm, Width: 50 cm, Height: 50 cm
IKEA PS 2017 side table/stool, beech Tested for: 100 kg Height: 45 cm Diameter: 43 cm
IKEA PS 2017
side table/stool
THB 1,490
Tested for: 100 kg, Height: 45 cm, Diameter: 43 cm
LIATORP side table, white, glass Length: 57 cm Width: 40 cm Height: 60 cm
side table
THB 3,990
Length: 57 cm, Width: 40 cm, Height: 60 cm
LISABO side table, ash veneer Length: 45 cm Width: 45 cm Height: 45 cm
side table
THB 2,990
Length: 45 cm, Width: 45 cm, Height: 45 cm
LÖVBACKEN side table, medium brown Length: 77 cm Width: 39 cm Height: 51 cm
side table
THB 2,990
Length: 77 cm, Width: 39 cm, Height: 51 cm
STRIND side table, white, nickel-plated Diameter: 50 cm Height: 62 cm Max. load: 15 kg
side table
THB 2,990
Diameter: 50 cm, Height: 62 cm, Max. load: 15 kg
TINGBY side table on castors, white Length: 64 cm Width: 64 cm Height: 45 cm
side table on castors
THB 1,490
Length: 64 cm, Width: 64 cm, Height: 45 cm