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JANSJÖ series

Flexible LED lamps for small spaces

The lamps in our JANSJÖ series have really bendy arms, so you can shine the light exactly where you need it. They come with long-lasting, electricity-efficient LED lights, and their slim design means you can use them even where you don’t have much space.

JANSJÖ LED floor/read lamp, black Luminous flux: 60 lm Height: 166 cm Cord length: 248 cm
LED floor/read lamp
THB 2,390
Luminous flux: 60 lm, Height: 166 cm, Cord length: 248 cm
JANSJÖ LED work lamp, black Luminous flux: 70 lm Height: 60 cm Base diameter: 12 cm
LED work lamp
THB 890
Luminous flux: 70 lm, Height: 60 cm, Base diameter: 12 cm Available in more options