Clothes & shoe storage

Avoid the morning traffic jam

In the morning rush hour, every minute counts. So you don't have time to waste hunting for your favourite scarf. Smart clothes and shoes storage will make finding it (and everything else) a breeze. And that way, you can devote those few extra minutes to sleep instead.

What to do with shoes
Leather boots hanging from BUMERANG trouser hanger
When it comes to wet and muddy shoes it’s all about containing the mess. Use a tray for muddy shoes, or a hanger with clamps and a bucket to let rain-soaked shoes drip dry.
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MULIG Clothes rack THB 299 MULIG Clothes rack THB 299 BUMERANG Trouser hanger THB 49 BUMERANG Trouser hanger THB 49 BUMERANG Trouser hanger THB 49 BUMERANG Trouser hanger THB 49
Shoes stored in KASSETT boxes with lid
Prolong the life of your shoes by keeping pairs in a shoe cabinet or in individual boxes. Not only will they protect your shoes from dust, but picking one colour creates a look of uniformity and calm.
Roomy, free-standing shelves or rows of open shelves serve as a stage to show off your prettiest, most coveted little darlings.
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