RIBBA picture ledge with frames
Art show
When creativity blooms and artistic output goes into overdrive, you need somewhere to display the wonderful works. We think picture ledges are the perfect spot for work from artists of all ages.
HUSET Doll's furniture, living-room THB 499NYTTJA Frame THB 119RIBBA Picture ledge THB 349NYTTJA Frame THB 119NYTTJA Frame THB 119NYTTJA Frame THB 119RIBBA Picture ledge THB 349RIBBA Picture ledge THB 349
Art supplies stored in plastic boxes
Art supplies ready, set, go!
Put your household art supplies in separate containers for storage. That way everything’s easy to find and transfer to the creative table when the mood strikes.
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MÅLA Paint THB 299MÅLA Scissors, set of 2 THB 69  MÅLA Stamp pen THB 249