Home styling made simple

Style is often found in the little things - the way you arrange pictures, the accessories you choose. It's also in the things you personalise. Here are some of our favourite tips that will have you feeling like an interior designer in no time.

Two picture ledges with cookbooks and recipes on display
Sitting room with sofa piled with cushion and textiles. Shelving with eclectic mix of books and mementos
Mealtimes take place at the kitchen counter in Kaoli’s tiny Tokyo home
Black and white kitchen with pantry area packed with storage solutions.
Window sill garden with herbs, plants and mini greenhouse
DIY illustrated mugs on work surface with basket of pens and notepad
Get creative with a weaving project. Come check out our interior stylists easy step-by-step guide to learn how.
Give your bedroom a style boost with our insiders guide to the perfect bedside table display.
A display of pink chest of drawers, floral meter fabric, cork coasters and furniture, turquoise cushions and wall cabinets.
Stacks of IKEA catalogues on a table
Cut fabric strips hanging from the ceiling above a bed.
Feeling crafty? Put those DIY skills and creativity to work! Floral patterns are a big deal right now, so double up with this homemade vase cover.
Picture of Agnes taping book pages on a wall
A picture of shelves with a painted wall behind
Picture from above of a table and chairs with party decorations
View of outdoor space with bright coloured textiles, cosy seating area, colourful dining room table and chairs.
Decorated VÄTE lamps hang above white dining room table and yellow chairs.
A wall covered in a green, grass-looking, rug then decorated with fake flowers makes the perfect indoor flower installation.
DIY party favours can be from almost anything, think fake flowers, paper, glasses beads, eggshells, plants, bottles of something special.
Make colourful paper fortune cookies in just a few minutes by folding and stapling paper and tying everything together with some string.
A collage showing different labelling ideas including drawing, giant labels, stamping, material labels and writing on the wall.
There is no such thing as one shade of grey as these pots of grey paint on a grey tablecloth show.
From above it’s easy to see all the style elements of this coffee table: plants, plates, books, a candle, and a still-life decoration.
View of hallway table with display of artificial flowers in vases and jugs. Stack of vintage books underneath.
View of bedroom with DIY headboard made with black and white fabric tape. Monochrome TUVBRÄCKA bed quilt. Orange STOCKHOLM cushion.
View of room with matching wall and storage unit personalised with nature-inspired PREMIAR picture. Man relaxing on sofa.
View of gallery wall of frames in mix of sizes with wooden bench and yellow cushion.
View of bedroom with pattern of copper and silver mirror tiles on wall above bed.
View of customised black KNODD bin on AKERKULLA rug with pattern wallpaper in background.
View of painted plant pots, used to store paintbrushes and pens, with house plant, books and pack of open cards on white shelf against brick wall background.
Two young boys and a girl hold up handmade trophies while standing behind a makeshift podium in the corner of a room.
A bird’s eye view of boxes wrapped on a wooden table. There are also all the parts used to make the wrapping paper, including paint, twine, scissors and cookie cutters next to the boxes.
A medium-sized Christmas tree decorated with bird-themed ornaments and placed on a table against the wall. The grey wall behind is decorated with more bird themed items such as binoculars and bird boxes of various sizes
A white living room decorated with hanging ornaments and winter themed natural elements.
A bird’s eye view of glamorously wrapped gift boxes in gold, copper and silver, on a black background.
A bird’s eye view of sport-themed wrapped gifts with the bits and bits needed to make the labels, including beads, arranged on a white work surface.
A step-ladder turned into a bookcase using shelves and filled with books and literature-themed trinkets infront of a brick wall with two large windows showing a city scene at night
A bird’s eye view of aA close up image of a red painted napkin folded and wrapped with twine and foliage and placed over a bowl on a table setting.
A picture of a living room wall, where a textile fabric with a spurce is decorated with small textile and paper bags. The bags are numbered with the date the gift should be opened. Around the fabric hangs a LED lighting strip.
Find out how to make an advent calendar by hanging gift boxes from hooks on your kitchen rail storage.
A multi-use hanger is hanging from hooks against a black wood-panelled wall. The multi-use hanger is filled with different coloured socks that are filled with presents.
A stainless steel fridge decorated with magentic containers filled with paper and numbered and arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.
A close up of twisted birch twigs in glass bottles with decorations hanging from them in front of a window.
A dining room table decorade with black and organge decoration for Halloween
Diningroom with a dining table decorated for Halloween with a lighting chain and different home made snacks.
Dining table decorated for Halloween with tulle textiles, candles and accessories.
A NORNÄS bench painted in gold with animal print legs. A cat is walking along the top of the bench and there’s a gold-framed mirror in the background.
A close up of a wall-mounted world map with photos attached to a web of black cotton thread using pegs to map out a travel journey.
A bird’s eye view of layers of black and white rugs in different textures and with different patterns on the floor or a living room.
A collage of beach finds on sand, including a broken spade, coloured balls, some driftwood, feathers, rope, sunglasses and a shuttlecock.
A bedouin-style tent over a balcony. There is a person lying on the soft drinking tea with candles on the floor and table to add cosiness.
 Display of a yellow cardboard box, a white work lamp, pictures in pink and grey, a yellow clock, quilt cover set in grey/yellow/orange, brown mugs and a white storage box, all from IKEA.
A fresh take on flower arranging
View of the whole room with IKEA dressing tables, full-length mirror and open wardrobes.
UNG DRILL frame as inspiration board
RIBBA picture ledge with frames
The room in daytime. IKEA sofa, armchair, bookcases, rug, coffee tables and glass display cabinet.
Desk in front of a panel of wood holding IKEA wall pockets and noticeboard.
Bedroom with IKEA furniture, mirrored wall tiles, rug, lamps and curtains.
Bedroom with a blackboard wall and IKEA storage holding lots of colourful paints.
Living room with five IKEA sofas in a U-shape. Rugs, mirrors, lamps and table.