A space for the children inside the living room
      GRUNDTAL Spotlight THB 1,200GRUNDTAL Spotlight THB 1,200HILDIS Fabric THB 199                MASKROS Pendant lamp THB 1,990
TROFAST pine storage with plastic boxes
Every toy needs a home
Toys need a home too. Lots of homes. Boxes in different sizes means every toy will have a place to go. And ones that are easy to take out and carry means you can play together no matter where you are.
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DUKTIG Work bench THB 2,490
ROKNÄS height chart that sticks to the wall
Decoration they can outgrow
One day, they’ll be too big to play. So decoration that’s easy to change is a good idea. Wall stickers are easy to put up and take down, so you’ll have no problem turning this space into a cosy reading nook when the time comes.
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ROKNÄS Decoration stickers THB 399
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SANSAD Children's table THB 1,990
Children's table
THB 1,990
Length: 100 cm, Min. height: 48 cm, Max. height: 60 cm / 60 cm
DUKTIG Work bench THB 2,490
Work bench
THB 2,490
Length: 60 cm, Height: 91 cm, Width: 38 cm
GRUNDTAL Spotlight THB 1,200
THB 1,200 /3 pieces
Diameter: 6.6 cm, Height: 2.8 cm, Package quantity: 3 pieces
HILDIS Fabric THB 199
THB 199 /meter
Width: 150 cm, Pattern repeat: 8 cm, Area: 1.50 m²
KRITTER Children's chair THB 590
Children's chair
THB 590
Depth: 29 cm / 29 cm, Seat width: 27 cm, Height: 53 cm / 53 cm
MASKROS Pendant lamp THB 1,990
Pendant lamp
THB 1,990
Diameter: 55 cm, Cord length: 1.4 m
PYSSLA Beads THB 199
THB 199
Height: 18 cm / 18 cm, Weight: 0.70 kg
RIBBA Picture ledge THB 349
Picture ledge
THB 349
Length: 115 cm, Depth: 9 cm, Max. load: 7.50 kg