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We can all use a little less to worry about

Sure, accidents happen, especially when you have kids. But being prepared can prevent many or stop them becoming more serious. Our home safety and child safety products are simple to install and use, and span every area of the home. It pays to be safe, but it doesn’t cost a lot with our low IKEA FAMILY member prices.

PATRULL multi latch, white

PATRULL multi latch

THB 199/2 pieces
Min. length: 7.5 cm, Max. length: 20.0 cm, Package quantity: 2 pieces
PATRULL door stop, white

PATRULL door stop

THB 199/2 pieces
Length: 23 cm, Width: 4 cm, Height: 4 cm
PATRULL safety plug, white

PATRULL safety plug

THB 69/12 pieces
Depth: 2.0 cm, Base diameter: 2.8 cm, Package quantity: 12 pieces
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TRYGGHET medicine cabinet

TRYGGHET medicine cabinet

THB 999
Width: 320 mm, Depth: 230 mm, Height: 300 mm
BESKYDDA reflective snap band

BESKYDDA reflective snap band

THB 279/4 pieces
Length: 37 cm, Width: 3 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces