You're never too old for a night light

Bedroom lighting might seem like a silly idea. But the bedroom isn't just for sleeping. It's where you cuddle up for a movie, finish that last bit of work and get up to face the day (even when the sun hasn't). And let's be honest – trying to do all of that in the dark would just be a nightmare.

Make your wardrobe a little brighter
PAX wardrobe with integrated lighting off
Whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out, navigating your wardrobe is much easier when you can see your clothes. With LED integrated lighting, you get double the energy saving benefits: built-in sensors mean the lights only turn on when the doors are open and the LED bulbs mean you’ll use 85% less energy when they do. And that makes for a pretty smart wardrobe.

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  • Bedroom lighting & lamps – bright ideas at low prices

    OK, most of your time in the bedroom you have your eyes shut. But you still need a good mix of bedroom lighting for all the different things you do when your eyes are open. Ceiling lights will light up the whole of your bedroom – very useful if you’re cleaning or you’ve lost a sock. If you read in bed, a good bedroom lighting tip is to put a couple of adjustable wall lights above the head of your bed. Put them in the middle and direct the beams outwards so you and your partner can read without dazzling each other. Just make sure you use bulbs that don’t get too hot. Lamps spread around the room add atmosphere to your bedroom lighting and soften contrasts between lit areas and unlit.

  • Bedroom lighting to help find all your clothes

    Finding warm socks on a chilly morning or the perfect party outfit is easier if you have bedroom lighting that lights up your clothes storage. Try our LED lighting strips that go inside your wardrobe or drawers and switch on automatically when you open the door. We also have spotlights that you can put on the ceiling to shine on your stuff. When your wardrobe doors are closed, the light can reflect off them to give you some nice background bedroom lighting, too. And when you’re trying that party dress or matching it with some accessories, a good bedroom lighting tip is to have lamps on both sides of your mirror, to give an even light without shadows.