Get in touch with your softer side

We've put a lot of time into creating beautiful bathroom textiles that stay soft – even after lots and lots of bubble baths. Because there's just something comforting about wrapping up in a clean, soft towel or stepping onto a warm bath mat. And we think those moments are worth enjoying.

Find the bathroom that makes your mornings smile
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A white bathroom with HEMNES washstand, shelf, and mirror cabinet in white plus a blue shower curtain and blue and white towels.
A rustic bathroom with SILVERÅN series in solid pine and FRÄJEN towels in lilac, beige and white
A bathroom with white tiles, white GODMORGON washbasin and cabinet and an orange rug
HEMNES/RÄTTVIKEN wash-stand with two drawers, HEMNES high mirror cabinet and wall cabinet all in black-brown
A small white bathroom with LILLÅNGEN washbasin and wall cabinets in black brown.
Calm, green-toned bathroom with an  assortment of towels on a shelf and hanging from towel racks and hooks
Weekday mornings can be hard. Why not soften yours up?
Use towels, bath mats and shower curtains to create a warm, comfortable space for getting ready for the day ahead.
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INGEBORG Bath towel THB 299 GUNNERN Pedestal table THB 1,290 SILVERÅN High cabinet with 2 doors THB 4,350 SILVERÅN Storage bench THB 1,950 SILVERÅN/HAMNVIKEN Wash-basin cabinet with 1 door THB 4,900

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  • Textiles for your bathroom

    Textiles are a great way to add colour and softness to your bathroom and bring warmth to a chilly floor. So check out our range here and find bath mats and shower curtains and lots of different sizes of towels in a variety of colours and patterns. As well as being very practical, these soft furnishings can have a big impact when it comes to giving your bathroom the look you want. And that also means that it’s easy to change the look whenever you feel like it. You just need to get some new towels and a matching mat and maybe a new shower curtain for a quick, affordable revamp.

  • Soft furnishings for any room in your home

    Of course, our textiles are practical as well as stylish. Nearly all of our towels, for example, are made from 100% combed cotton and have a thick, terry quality so they’re absorbent and feel soft on your wet skin. You can get matching towels in different sizes from face cloths to bath sheets. And there’s a choice of different thicknesses, too. Whatever sort of soft furnishings you’d like for any room in your home, check out our range. You’ll find everything from duvets and pillows for a better night’s sleep to rugs and curtains for a mini living room makeover. You just need a quick trip to your local IKEA store!