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Traditional Swedish holiday treats remade

Swedes love making holiday treats like classic gingerbread cookies, toffee and saffron buns. In the IKEA Ideas lab, we really love playing around. So we asked recipe developer and food stylist Fia Arosenius Ahlanzberg to cook up new spins on these tasty traditions. Check out the sweet videos and recipes below.
An aerial view of toffee pieces, gingerbread cookies and saffron buns
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Toffee with peppermint pop
Made with sugar, whipping cream and syrup, ‘knäck’ is a butterscotch-style Swedish toffee usually made with almond pieces. It starts out hard, melts in your mouth and can seriously stick to your teeth! Want to try Fia’s minty remix? Check out the Swedish toffee with peppermint pop recipe.
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Sweet vanilla saffron knots
‘Lussekatter’ are sweet, S-shaped saffron buns with raisins. Eaten throughout the holiday season, they’re consumed mostly around Lucia Day, a celebration of light during the dark winter. For Fia’s vanilla twist, see the saffron knots with vanilla butter filling recipe.
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Orange-y gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread thins called ‘pepparkakor’ have been a holiday staple in Sweden for centuries. They’re sweet with a nice spice kick, thanks to cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and of course, ginger. Fia added another holiday favourite—oranges! Try the recipe for gingerbread cookies with zesty orange.
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Interior designer: Saša Antić
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Recipe developer & food stylist: Fia Arosenius Ahlanzberg
Copywriter: Marissa Frayer
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell