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Tina’s trend Forecast #1: A softer industrial

Trends: what’s new, what’s still loved, and what could be coming soon. Even we can’t always keep up. That’s why we invited in interior stylist Tina Hellberg to tell us about her trend predictions and how to use them at home.
We think using combining industrial furniture with textiles and flowing shapes is a big upcoming trend.
We think using combining industrial furniture with textiles and flowing shapes like glass vases is a big upcoming trend.
What’s the trend?
“Industrial design isn’t quite a trend any longer but it is a theme that is still loved immensely.” says Tina. “I’ve been enjoying seeing industrial furniture re-imagined by adding soft and personal objects to it — especially fabrics and glass but also personal accessories like art or even collected wild flowers.”
How can I use it at home?
“Mix hard objects with soft.” Tina advises. “If you have an existing industrial style furniture piece soften up the hard lines with objects like long flowing curtains on the wall behind, or wavy art pieces or glass vases on top. You could also freshen it up with flowers or lighter furniture like mesh storage.”
“The idea is to mix things up to create some tension and by that making an interesting interior.”
Tina Hellberg, Interior Stylist
IKEA stylist Tina Hellberg
Interior stylist: Tina Hellberg
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell