Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price Range (SGD)
BRAMSÖN parasol base, black Length: 40 cm Max. pole diameter: 38 mm Min. pole diameter: 25 mm
parasol base
Length: 40 cm, Max. pole diameter: 38 mm, Min. pole diameter: 25 mm
BRAMSÖN/FLISÖ parasol with base, black Length: 160 cm Min. height: 157 cm Max. height: 237 cm
parasol with base
Length: 160 cm, Min. height: 157 cm, Max. height: 237 cm
FISKÖ parasol base, white Depth: 39 cm Max. pole diameter: 32 mm Min. pole diameter: 18 mm
parasol base
Depth: 39 cm, Max. pole diameter: 32 mm, Min. pole diameter: 18 mm
FLISÖ parasol, black Length: 160 cm Pole diameter: 3.2 cm Min. height: 150 cm
Length: 160 cm, Pole diameter: 3.2 cm, Min. height: 150 cm
LJUSTERÖ parasol, beige Diameter: 400 cm Pole diameter: 48 mm Height: 295 cm
Diameter: 400 cm, Pole diameter: 48 mm, Height: 295 cm
LÅNGHOLMEN parasol, beige, brown Length: 300 cm Pole diameter: 48 mm Height: 260 cm
Length: 300 cm, Pole diameter: 48 mm, Height: 260 cm
SAMSÖ parasol, white, adjustable Diameter: 200 cm Pole diameter: 32 mm Min. height: 165 cm
Diameter: 200 cm, Pole diameter: 32 mm, Min. height: 165 cm
SEGLARÖ parasol, hanging, beige, tilting beige Length: 330 cm Height: 260 cm Width: 240 cm
parasol, hanging
Length: 330 cm, Height: 260 cm, Width: 240 cm
  • Parasols for a gloriously lazy day in the sun

    Picture a lovely summer’s day in your garden, and you’ll probably also envisage using a parasol. If not, you should. A parasol is an essential outdoor accessory for guarding against the sun. And our parasols and shields will keep out the sun in style, allowing you to relax and be protected from those harmful rays while you enjoy the weather. From individual items such as the KARLSÖ adjustable parasol to full solutions, such as the KARLSÖ gazebo with curtains, you’re sure to find the right solution for your outdoor furniture in our functional collection.

  • Parasols that are durable and protective

    Our parasols are great for keeping your family safe in the sunshine. They give excellent protection against UV rays, as all our parasols block a minimum of 95% of UV light. Combine our individual parasols with a base that supports to even the largest ones. Our FISKÖ base has a handle, while our GÅSÖ base has a cut-out design, so it won’t stand in the way of chair legs.