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Extra Chair covers

Give your seating a whole new look

Fancy a quick makeover? Changing sofa and chair covers is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your seating – and your whole room. We’ve got lots of covers to choose from in a variety of colours and materials to help you find something that suits your style (no matter how often it changes).

IKEA Extra Chair covers


  • Chair covers – low price makeovers

    Changing your chair covers is a great way to breathe new life into your seating. We have a wide range of chair covers for everything from armchairs to sofas to footstools. Even using one different cover to create an accent armchair can make a strong style statement. Or, as our chair covers come in coordinated series, you could change all the covers in your living room for a quick, affordable makeover. For a lot of people, especially children, a relaxing time in the living room can involve chocolate and sticky sweets. We make most of our chair covers so you can wash them in your machine or dry-clean them.

  • Chair covers and more for your home

    So whether you’re looking for new chair covers because the cat scratched the old ones or you want light green sofa covers to welcome the spring, have a look here. If you decide that replacing the covers isn’t enough of a change, why not go for a few other new soft furnishings, as well? We have a lot to match our chair covers, from cushions and throws to rugs and curtains. We want to help you create the home that really suits you. So if you’re looking for something else to complete your living room, from a TV stand to a coffee table, you’ll find we have plenty to choose from, too.