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IKEA Swedish food

Take home a taste of Sweden

Round off your trip to the store with some tasty IKEA Swedish food. Based on Swedish recipes and traditions, the wide choice of food and drink runs from frozen meatballs to sweets and coffee. You’ll save time and money whether you’re making a meal for your whole family or putting together the menu for a party.

IKEA Swedish food
DIMPA storage bag, transparent Length: 65 cm Depth: 22 cm Height: 65 cm
storage bag
QR 9.00
Length: 65 cm, Depth: 22 cm, Height: 65 cm
FNISS wastepaper basket, transparent Diameter: 29 cm Height: 30 cm Volume: 14 l
wastepaper basket
QR 9.00
Diameter: 29 cm, Height: 30 cm, Volume: 14 l
FRAKTA carrier bag, large, blue Length: 55 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 35 cm
carrier bag, large
QR 5.00
Length: 55 cm, Depth: 37 cm, Height: 35 cm
FRAKTA carrier bag, medium, blue Length: 45 cm Depth: 18 cm Height: 45 cm
carrier bag, medium
QR 3.00
Length: 45 cm, Depth: 18 cm, Height: 45 cm
FRAKTA trunk for trolley, blue Depth: 35 cm Height: 30 cm Max. load: 25 kg
trunk for trolley
QR 15.00
Depth: 35 cm, Height: 30 cm, Max. load: 25 kg
KNODD bin with lid, assorted colours Diameter: 34 cm Height: 32 cm Volume: 16 l
bin with lid
QR 55.00
Diameter: 34 cm, Height: 32 cm, Volume: 16 l
SINGLA bag, orange/yellow Depth: 22 cm Height: 40 cm Width: 43 cm
QR 9.00
Depth: 22 cm, Height: 40 cm, Width: 43 cm
SINGLA bag, brown Length: 40 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 47 cm
QR 15.00
Length: 40 cm, Depth: 25 cm, Height: 47 cm

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