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DIODER iluminação multiusos LED, branco Fluxo luminoso: 30 Lumen Diâmetro: 5.8 cm Quantidade por embalagem: 4 unidades
iluminação multiusos LED
/4 unidades
Fluxo luminoso: 30 Lumen, Diâmetro: 5.8 cm, Quantidade por embalagem: 4 unidades
LEDBERG sistema de iluminação LED, 3 pçs, branco Fluxo luminoso: 45 Lumen Comprimento: 75 cm Comprimento do cabo: 160 cm
sistema de iluminação LED, 3 pçs
Fluxo luminoso: 45 Lumen, Comprimento: 75 cm, Comprimento do cabo: 160 cm
OMLOPP projetor LED, branco Fluxo luminoso: 85 Lumen Diâmetro: 6.8 cm Altura: 1 cm
projetor LED
Fluxo luminoso: 85 Lumen, Diâmetro: 6.8 cm, Altura: 1 cm
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  • Bookcase lighting to show off your library

    Besides your décor, lighting has the biggest impact on a room’s atmosphere. For cosy evenings, low lighting such as table lamps or integrated bookcase lighting for your pictures and books can make your space feel nice and cosy. Our range of bookcase lighting will brighten up your shadowy corners and give your home a touch of sophistication at the same time. You don’t even need a huge collection of bound books – our bookcase lights can also be used to light sculptures, photo frames or even your DVD and game collection.

  • Bookcase lighting as part of your interior design

    Update a dusty old bookcase with the playful colour-changing DIODER bookcase lighting strip set. There are 7 different colours which you can shift between or use one at a time. This set uses LED bulbs which last significantly longer than conventional bulbs and consume 85% less energy, as well as emitting less heat so they can be used safely in smaller spaces. Once fitted inside the bookcase, they’re virtually invisible from the outside. Or for a more industrial, exposed look we’ve got clamp spotlights, which feature an adjustable head so light can be directed wherever it’s needed.