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W naszym asortymencie akcesoriów kuchennych oferujemy pomysłowe wkłady, które umożliwiają jednoczesne gotowanie i gotowanie na parze. Znajdziesz tu również wiele innych poręcznych dodatków, które ułatwiają gotowanie (i chronią twój stół przed zniszczeniem).

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  • Kitchen accessories for all the little jobs

    Our kitchen accessories consist of all those little things you might not immediately think of when kitting out your cooking space, but which will always come in handy down the years. Cooking for the family – or even just for one – can be lots of fun, and it can even be super-easy if you have all the essential kitchen utensils and equipment you need to hand. Our range contains everything from different kinds of inserts to go into your pots, to pot stands in a variety of colours, shapes and materials.

  • Kitchen accessories for new recipes

    Enjoy cooking even more, and get inspired to create your culinary masterpieces with our collection of kitchen accessories. We’ve got boiling inserts that save energy and have detachable or foldable handles for easy manoeuvrability. Our steamer inserts give you a healthy alternative to boiling all of the vitamins out of your vegetables, and steaming is also a great energy saver as well. We’ve also got a separate lid that fits most 24cm (diametre) pots and pans, and a splatter screen too – both of which have fold-down handles to save on space. At your nearest IKEA store, we’ve got all kinds of kitchen accessories for the seasoned chef, or for the budding amateurs who are eager to try out new recipes.