Prijs (EUR)


  • Interactive and entertaining children's decoration

    Welcome to our range of functional and fun children’s decoration. Check out our different designs of mirrors, for example. Kids love looking at themselves in a mirror, of course, and they are fascinated by watching themselves play and move. But did you know that this is a way for them to discover more about themselves and strengthen their body image? On top of that, children often pretend to be different characters. In a mirror, they can see themselves in these different roles. So the mirrors in our children’s decoration help your kids develop as well as making role-play games more fun. And of course, they add a decorative touch to your child’s bedroom.

  • Coordinated children's decoration and more

    As well as children’s decoration, you’ll find we have a lot more for your growing kids. Our children’s furniture and soft furnishings are designed in different styles to help you find something you fancy and make it easier for you to match things together. So you’ll find that the mirrors in our children’s decoration will coordinate with lots of our other kids’ furniture and soft furnishings. No matter what you need, from children’s decoration to lamps or wardrobes, it’s worth having a look here. Then you just need a quick trip to your local IKEA store and your kids could be enjoying a new treat tonight!