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Pencahayaan bersepadu

Pencahayaan yang menyerlahkan ciri-ciri

Pencahayaan bersepadu kami direka bentuk untuk berfungsi dengan perabot seperti rak buku, kabinet dapur dan almari pakaian. Ia membantu anda menerangi barangan yang ingin anda lihat seperti gambar atau cenderamata, atau barangan yang perlu anda cari seperti pakaian atau buku kegemaran.

DIODER lampu LED pelbagai guna, pelbagai warna Diameter: 5.5 sm Panjang kord: 3.0 m Kuantiti bungkusan: 4 unit
lampu LED pelbagai guna
/4 unit
Diameter: 5.5 sm, Panjang kord: 3.0 m, Kuantiti bungkusan: 4 unit
INREDA Lampu sorot LED, warna perak Panjang kord: 1.0 m Kuantiti bungkusan: 4 unit
Lampu sorot LED
/4 unit
Panjang kord: 1.0 m, Kuantiti bungkusan: 4 unit
NON kabinet/lampu untuk gambar, warna perak Panjang: 26 sm Tinggi: 13 sm Panjang kord: 3.5 m
kabinet/lampu untuk gambar
Panjang: 26 sm, Tinggi: 13 sm, Panjang kord: 3.5 m
NON lampu sorot dgn terendak, putih, putih Diameter: 8.1 sm Tinggi: 3.0 sm Panjang kord: 4.1 m
lampu sorot dgn terendak
/2 unit
Diameter: 8.1 sm, Tinggi: 3.0 sm, Panjang kord: 4.1 m


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    Check out our big choice of cabinet lighting and other integrated lighting. It’ll brighten up your home and make sure your favourite things get the attention they deserve. Putting your most cherished knick-knacks into a glass-door display cabinet is a great way to display them while keeping them out of harm’s way and free from dust. Adding some cabinet lighting that’s suitable for use inside the cabinet enhances the display and gives you atmospheric background lighting into the bargain. Here you can find a lot of LED (light-emitting diode) lights that are ideal for this because they don’t get too warm. LEDs use much less electricity and last much longer than traditional bulbs, too.

  • Bright cabinet lighting ideas

    Another good idea is cabinet lighting that you can put on top of a bookcase. This will show off your books nicely and again you’ll get nice background lighting in the rest of the room. Plus you’ll always be able to find the book you want. You could put some LED cabinet lighting on individual shelves to get a similar effect. If your eyes get tired when you’re watching TV, it could be because of the harsh contrast between the bright screen and the dark area around it. Putting LED cabinet lighting behind your TV will help even out the level of light and mean less strain for your eyes.