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Pengurusan kabel & aksesori

Hari yang berselirat?

Jika kabel anda berselirat, aksesori pengurusan kabel kami akan membantu anda mengawalnya. Ilham bijak kami termasuklah batang plastik yang fleksibel, kotak untuk menyembunyikan pengecas anda, dan juga set dengan klip kabel dan pengikat. Daripada belakang TV ke belakang komputer anda, ia membantu anda menamatkan kabel yang berselirat.

SIGNUM penyaluran kabel m'datar, warna perak Panjang: 70 sm Lebar: 16 sm Muatan maksimum: 10 kg
penyaluran kabel m'datar
Panjang: 70 sm, Lebar: 16 sm, Muatan maksimum: 10 kg
SUMMERA fail selit, bercorak Lebar: 31 sm Tinggi: 24 sm Kuantiti bungkusan: 16 unit
fail selit
/16 unit
Lebar: 31 sm, Tinggi: 24 sm, Kuantiti bungkusan: 16 unit


  • Keep things ordered with clever cable management

    Imagine instead of a mess of cables, you just had good cable management. Take a minute to peer around the back of your computer and printer, or even your TV and DVD player. Horrifying isn’t it? Like your worst Christmas tree lights nightmare come true. But we’ve got some simple cable management solutions to untangle the terror! Check out our SIGNUM horizontal cable trunking that fixes to the underside of your desk, cabinet or shelves and collects your cables together to keep everything tidy. Or the SIGNUM cable organiser that hangs from a tabletop or TV stand to hide your cables and extension sockets in a neat black bag.

  • Integrated cable management

    Of course, cables aren’t only a problem when they’re lying on the floor gathering dust. Sometimes it can be difficult to just get them into the workstation or TV cabinet where you have your computer or satellite box. That’s why so many of our desks and TV furniture come with integrated cable management, like a pre-made cord outlet. Cable management is one of those small things that make a big difference. So why not check out a few of our other easily overlooked essentials, like wastepaper baskets or small storage boxes? Like good cable management, they’ll help keep things tidy and convenient and save you time and effort.