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Unit laci IKEA

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Jemu mencari kertas kerja atau pengokot? Unit laci kami menyediakan tempat untuk semua barangan anda. Ia didatangkan dalam pelbagai gaya dan saiz agar sesuai dengan di mana saja anda mahu bekerja. Rangkaian kami termasuklah unit yang boleh dikunci untuk mengelakkan sesiapa "meminjam" gunting anda dan siri GALANT berkualiti tinggi, yang diluluskan untuk kegunaan profesional.

ALEX unit 9 laci, putih Lebar: 36 sm Dalam: 48 sm Tinggi: 115 sm
unit 9 laci
Lebar: 36 sm, Dalam: 48 sm, Tinggi: 115 sm
LENNART unit laci, kelabu gelap Lebar: 30 sm Dalam: 34 sm Kedalaman laci: 33 sm
unit laci
Lebar: 30 sm, Dalam: 34 sm, Kedalaman laci: 33 sm


  • Multi-function drawer units to maximise storage

    Sinking in a sea of paperwork? Check out our big range of drawer units, designed to store almost everything your workspace demands. We’ve developed a big range of drawer units, from traditional ones with lots of drawers to ones that are a bit like mini filing cabinets, with a frame to hold drop files. In our ALEX range of drawer units, we even have an option that’s extra wide and deep, so you’ll have somewhere to store posters or the kids’ big, big drawings. Most of our drawer units are lockable so you can keep things private and make sure no one takes your sticky tape.

  • Drawer units that are handy and easy to move

    One really handy place to have your paperwork is under your desk, where it’s out of the way but easy to get at. So most of our drawer units are the right height to fit under a standard desk. Most also come with castors so you can wheel them out to use somewhere else if you want to. But with our MICKE series we have thought a bit differently. MICKE drawer units are the same height as our MICKE desks. So as well as providing storage, the drawer unit also extends your desk top to give you more space to work or put things.