Tekstil & ambal ruang tamu

Keselesaan dengan karakter

Sukar untuk berehat dalam ruang yang tidak sesuai dengan diri anda - walaupun ia cukup selesa. Tetapi dengan tekstil ruang tamu - seperti kusyen dalam corak kegemaran anda, langsir dalam warna kegemaran anda dan ambal yang menepati cita rasa - mudah untuk mencipta ruang yang sesuai dengan personaliti dan keselesaan anda.

Small effort. Big impact.
Refresh living room with cushions, rugs & curtains
You don't need to pull out the paintbrush to give your home a fresh new look. With some cushions and well placed rugs, it's easy to refresh the look of your living room in no time at all. You can also sew your own cushion covers or curtains with your favourite fabrics to suit the theme of your rooms.
EMMIE ROS Fabrik RM19.90 GURLI Sarung kusyen RM14.90 GURLI Sarung kusyen RM14.90
10% off sewing service
for all types of sewing when you purchase fabric from IKEA. Sewing Services
is located opposite Exchanges & Returns counter (Ground floor).
Offer ends 24 August 2014.
Find a cushion for every occasion

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