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Chaise longue

Regangkan kaki anda dan berehatlah

Di manakah tempat yang sesuai untuk meregangkan badan dan bersantai? Chaise longue kami boleh digabungkan dengan kerusi berlengan dan sofa, tetapi ia juga boleh digunakan secara bebas. Pilih antara sarung kulit yang tahan dan mudah dijaga, atau sarung fabrik dalam pelbagai warna. Anda boleh mencucinya dengan mesin atau mencuci kering sarung fabrik, jadi tiada masalah walaupun anda tertumpah sedikit kopi di atasnya.

Chaise longue IKEA
  • A chaise longue for your comfort

    A chaise longue adds a touch of affordable luxury, as well as great comfort for everyone who likes lying back with their feet up. Have a look at our big choice of different styles and colours, with fabric or leather covers. You’ll find stand-alone chaise longues or ones that can form part of a modular sofa combination. The living room can be tough on a chaise longue, with accidents involving sticky sweets or ice cream. So if you don’t fancy our hard-wearing, wipe-clean leather covers, you’ll be happy that most of our fabric covers are removable for machine-washing or dry-cleaning. And to help you feel even more relaxed on your chaise longue, most of our range has a 10-year everyday quality guarantee.

  • Match or change your chaise longue

    If you like a chaise longue you see here, maybe you should check out the rest of the sofas and armchairs in its series, so you can create a coordinated suite. We also have lots of other home furnishings that match your chaise longue, too – like rugs or tables or lamps. If you like surprising your family with quick changes of look, go for a chaise longue with a fabric cover that you can take off and replace. And if your chaise longue is part of a modular series, you can create a combination one day and then change it around or add to it when you want to.