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'Chaise longues'

Stretch out your legs and relax

Where better to just stretch out and unwind? Our sociable chaise longues love combining with armchairs and sofas but most can stand alone, too. Choose between durable, easy-care leather covers, or fabric covers in different colours. You can machine-wash or dry-clean most of the fabric ones, so you stay relaxed even if you spill a little of your afternoon coffee.

IKEA Chaise longues
SÖDERHAMN 'chaise longue', Isefall semula jadi Dalam: 151 sm Lebar tempat duduk: 93 sm Kedalaman tempat duduk: 100 sm
'chaise longue'
Dalam: 151 sm, Lebar tempat duduk: 93 sm, Kedalaman tempat duduk: 100 sm Terdapat dalam pelbagai pilihan