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  • Sofa beds – two jobs for the price of one

    Our comfortable, multi-tasking sofa beds and armchair beds save you space and money by working around the clock. Whether you want an extra bed for visitors or one to use every night, you can find it here at a price that won’t make you lose any sleep. We have sofa beds and futons in lots of styles and colours, many with covers you can wash or dry-clean. If you’re wondering where to put your duvet and pillows during the day, many of our sofa beds have built-in storage or you can get boxes that fit underneath. (We’ve a big choice of value for money duvets and pillows, if you were wondering where to get those, too).

  • Coordinate your sofa bed or change your cover

    We have a lot of types of sofa beds, including corner sofa beds, and even some on castors to make them easier to move. Our different seating series, like EKTORP or KARLSTAD, include sofa beds, so you can coordinate your sofa bed exactly with the rest of your seating. With our BEDDINGE, LYCKSELE and IKEA PS sofa beds, you can choose the type of mattress you want, so you can get the comfort that you prefer. If you feel like a change, you can take off the cover from many of our sofa beds and get a new one in another colour or pattern. And many of our sofa beds have a 10-year everyday quality guarantee.