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Perabot storan CD dan DVD

Susun atur hiburan anda

Perabot storan CD dan DVD kami direka bentuk khas agar sesuai dengan filem dan muzik anda. Pilih rak terbuka yang mudah untuk dilihat dan capai atau storan tertutup yang menawarkan lebih perlindungan terhadap barangan kegemaran anda. Terdapat pelbagai gaya dan saiz, jadi tiada masalah ruang - tanpa mengira betapa besarnya koleksi anda.

Perabot storan CD & DVD
  • DVD & CD storage – find what you want fast

    Check out our range of great value CD and DVD storage. It means you can happily pop the popcorn and make yourself comfortable on the sofa because you will always know where you put the DVD you want to watch. Good CD and DVD storage gives your favourite music and films their own home where they’re tidy, out of harm’s way and easy to find. We have a choice of different sizes, colours and styles, so you’re sure to find something that suits you. And at our low prices, you can afford to get more DVD storage to house your expanding collection, while still having the money to expand the collection in the first place.

  • Need more than DVD storage?

    Looking for more than just CD and DVD storage? We have a lot of other things to check out, too. For example if you want bookcases that match our BENNO DVD towers, then the BILLY series is for you. While with our BESTÅ series, you can create your own solution – from simple TV stands to wall to wall combinations for everything from magazines to your best china. Along with our DVD storage, we have a lot of other things to add to your enjoyment of games, films and music. Comfy extra cushions for your sofa, for example, or lamps for some gentle background lighting.