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Kabinet & saidbod

Untuk koleksi kegemaran atau barangan harian anda

Saidbod dan kabinet kami didatangkan dalam pilihan gaya yang membantu anda mendapatkan penampilan yang anda mahukan dan padan dengan perabot anda yang lain. Kami ada pelbagai jenis, jadi anda boleh menyimpan barangan harian di dalam laci dan almari atau mempamerkan barangan berharga anda di rak terbuka atau di dalam kabinet berpintu kaca.

Kabinet & saidbod IKEA
ARKELSTORP saidbod, hitam Dalam: 46 sm Tinggi: 133 sm Lebar: 93 sm
Dalam: 46 sm, Tinggi: 133 sm, Lebar: 93 sm
BJURSTA bod tepi, coklat hitam Dalam: 40 sm Tinggi: 68 sm Lebar: 155 sm
bod tepi
Dalam: 40 sm, Tinggi: 68 sm, Lebar: 155 sm
LIATORP meja konsol, kaca, putih Panjang: 133 sm Tinggi: 75 sm Lebar: 37 sm
meja konsol
Panjang: 133 sm, Tinggi: 75 sm, Lebar: 37 sm
NORDEN bod tepi, hitam Dalam: 42 sm Tinggi: 90 sm Lebar: 120 sm
bod tepi
Dalam: 42 sm, Tinggi: 90 sm, Lebar: 120 sm
REKARNE meja konsol, kayu pain Panjang: 130 sm Ketinggian bebas di bawah perabot: 61 sm Tinggi: 75 sm
meja konsol
Panjang: 130 sm, Ketinggian bebas di bawah perabot: 61 sm, Tinggi: 75 sm
STORNÄS almari dapur, berwarna antik Dalam: 48 sm Tinggi: 90 sm Lebar: 163 sm
almari dapur
Dalam: 48 sm, Tinggi: 90 sm, Lebar: 163 sm
  • Sideboards & cabinets – handy and attractive

    Welcome to our range of affordable sideboards and cabinets in lots of different styles, materials and sizes. If you want to keep extra glasses and plates out of sight but close at hand, check out our traditional sideboards and buffets. Many have drawers as well as cupboards to organise all the different things you need to store so you can get at them more easily. Or take a peek at our glass-door display cabinets. They’re an ideal way to show off your favourite things while keeping them free from dust and out of harm’s way. You can add lighting to many of them to help display what’s inside and give your room some nice, atmospheric background light.

  • More than just sideboards & cabinets

    A lot of our sideboards and cabinets belong to series. So it’s easy to get other furniture that coordinates perfectly, like tables or even bookcases. Look out for series names like HEMNES or LIATORP or BJURSTA. You’ll also find plenty of other things that go nicely with our sideboards and cabinets, too. We have everything from rugs to roll out on the floor beside them to vases to pop on top. We have lots of things to put inside our sideboards and cabinets, too. From bowls to serve snacks in to boxes and baskets to organise your paper napkins or tealights, you’ll find them all here.