Perabot bayi

Agar anda boleh meluangkan masa bermanja

Kediaman anda seharusnya membantu anda menggunakan masa bersama bayi anda sepenuhnya. Itulah sebabnya kanmi menguji semua produk kami - dari perabot hinggalah ke mainan bayi - terhadao standard keselamatan paling ketat. Jadi minda anda lebih tenang.

Menyediakan tempat sesuai untuk bayi
Menyediakan ruang untuk bayi
Menyusun atur yang menyeronokkan
Pusat penjagaan kecil
Kongsi bilik anda bersama bayi
The best possible start
A nursery with a white baby cot with three floor drawers
Combining classic looks with modern expertise, GONATT cot features a super sturdy construction and a ventilated base for a safe supportive sleep, so you can sleep as well as your baby can.
Cosy bedtime helpers
Ready for giggles and cuddles
A white baby cot with matching changing tableGrey backgroundWhite changing table and shelf unit with storage boxes in different sizesA nursery with changing table and cot in beech and storage in white/birchA solid beech baby cot in the parents bedroomA nursery with a white baby cot with two blue floor drawers
A gallery of ideas for baby 0-2
Between the changing, feeding, sleeping and playing, babies need love, care and lots of stuff. Browse our baby 0-2 gallery to find cots, textiles, changing tables and more in lots of styles for your nursery.
Visit our gallery of ideas for baby 0-2
We work hard to keep up with little ones
There’s a lot to think about when welcoming a new baby home. And while it’s easy to go overboard, at IKEA we like to concentrate on the basics – exactly what you need for getting your baby off to the best possible start. Here, we’ve collected some of our best tips and ideas for getting you and your home ready.
Download our baby basics checklist (pdf)
Baby care – bathing and changing
Welcome, fresh baby smell
We think caring for your baby is as much about bonding as it is about keeping fresh and clean. And so you can concentrate on that part, we’ve thought of the rest. Like baby baths with anti-slip protection and rounded corners, sturdy changing tables and storage to keep everything close at hand. All of which should help make the routine run smoother.
See our changing tables & nursingSee our baby textiles
Baby eating at the family table
All together now, let’s eat!
Sure, eating is about nutrients, but for babies it’s also about learning how to do it all by themselves. For that, we’ve developed stable highchairs and baby tableware made especially with the right fit, feel and sturdiness so it’s easier for all of you to sit at the family table together and figure it out.
See our highchairsSee our children’s tableware
Baby playing and learning
Playing is learning for life
Why the many textures, sounds and colours in our baby toys? Because when toys engage your baby’s sense of sight, sound and touch, they become more than just a lot of fun – they stimulate both physical and intellectual development. And we make sure to leave out harmful chemicals and small parts, so they’re super safe, too.
See our baby toys
Baby sleeping in IKEA cot
Getting a safe and sound night’s sleep
Babies spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping! And to make sure your little one sleeps safely and soundly, we test our cots against the strictest safety standards in the world. Combined with a mattress, mattress pad and protector, it’s just what you need to make sure your baby sleeps comfortably.
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