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IKEA Small storage

Every itty-bitty thing in place

A white baby cot with matching changing tableA children's room with a desk in pine with white legs, a white chair and storage in pine with green plastic boxesA children's room with two white shelf units with storage boxes in different sizesA white bed with canopy and quilt cover set with a triangular pattern in bright colours
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KUSINER kotak, merah, biru/hijau Panjang: 26 sm Lebar: 18 sm Tinggi: 18 sm
/3 unit
Panjang: 26 sm, Lebar: 18 sm, Tinggi: 18 sm
PYSSLINGAR peti utk mainan, biru Panjang: 57 sm Lebar: 35 sm Tinggi: 28 sm
peti utk mainan
Panjang: 57 sm, Lebar: 35 sm, Tinggi: 28 sm
PYSSLINGAR kotak, hijau Lebar: 35 sm Dalam: 35 sm Tinggi: 45 sm
Lebar: 35 sm, Dalam: 35 sm, Tinggi: 45 sm
Wheel this anywhere in the house to play. Later, stack to save space.


  • Fun and practical children’s small storage

    Keeping all those toys and clothes in order doesn’t have to be a chore for you or your children. In our children’s small storage range, you’ll find lots of practical storage that kids like to use. Check out our hanging baskets, for example. Kids love them because they can see what’s inside and they’re great for target practice when it’s tidy-up time. Or our boxes or clothes hook racks decorated with attractive, brightly coloured animals. A lot of our children’s small storage comes in series, so you can get different types of storage in the same style. Some series, like BARNSLIG and FABLER, even have coordinated soft furnishings, too.

  • Clear the clutter with our children’s small storage

    Kids have hundreds of toys, in all different shapes and sizes. So our children’s small storage is a good mix, too, with boxes in lots of different sizes and materials. To help you get the most out of your space, we even have a bed storage box that fits under your kid’s bed. We’ve designed our children’s small storage to help your kids keep their own stuff organised. That helps them learn about responsibility for their things and space and means they can find their toys more easily. And children’s small storage that kids like using means you don’t have to tidy up as often!