Pencahayaan kanak-kanak IKEA

Ilham terang yang digemari anak-anak anda

Daripada lampu siling yang menerangi seluruh bilik ke lampu malam untuk ke tandas, pencahayaan kanak-kanak kami bukan sahaja membuatkan mereka berasa selamat, malah ia turut membantu mereka agar selamat. Semua lampu yang kami syorkan untuk kanak-kanak menjalani ujian yang ketat dan selamat untuk jari-jari kecil. Inilah ilham yang terang.


  • Children's lighting that brightens their lives

    Welcome to our children’s lighting. It will help you give your kids the light they need, whether they’re drawing at a desk or looking for a lost teddy bear. In our children’s lighting you’ll find a choice of ceiling, wall and table lamps and more, as well as nightlights for everyone who’s still a little scared of the dark. Our lamps have engaging designs and colours that will add atmosphere and fun – even when they’re turned off. Our children’s lighting features clever ideas to keep your kids safe. Check out the table lamps and pendant lamps in our SKOJIG series, for example. They have tamper-proof bulb protection designed to let the light out but keep little fingers away.

  • Children’s lighting for all your kids’ activities

    Children do a lot of different things and they need good lighting for all of them. So in our children’s lighting, you’ll find a mix of types of lamps to cater for their different activities. Have a look at our work lamps for reading and doing homework at a desk, for example. Or our ceiling lamps that light up the whole room – great for searching for lost toys or tidying up. Many of our lamps belong to coordinated series so you can get a mix of different children’s lighting in the same style. A lot of our children’s lighting comes with the bulb supplied but if the lamp you like doesn’t, we sell bulbs as well