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Kerusi kanak-kanak IKEA

Untuk ketinggian yang sesuai

Terlalu besar untuk kerusi tinggi dan terlalu pendek untuk kerusi makan biasa - apa yang harus dilakukan untuk peringkat pertengahan ini? Kerusi kanak-kanak kami memberikan kanak-kanak kebebasan untuk duduk sendiri pada ketinggian yang dilaraskan. Kerusi kanak-kanak yang mudah dibersihkan dan boleh disusun bertindan ini sesuai dengan pelbagai jenis gaya meja makan, menjadikan ia salah satu ciri yang mengalu-alukan untuk mana-mana meja.


  • At the table in safety and style with our kid’s chairs

    Your children will feel a bit more like grown-ups when they’re sitting down to eat in one of our kid’s chairs. That’s because our kid’s chairs let children sit at the right height to make it easy to eat at the table. You’ll find kid’s chairs in different colours, materials and designs, so you can match them to your style. Got a classic or farmhouse-style wooden dining table? Then try our different wooden kid’s chairs to complement the look. And if you like the style of one of our kid’s chairs, it’s worth checking if it is part of one of our series with adult chairs or even tables.

  • Kid’s chairs and more for mealtimes

    As well as kid’s chairs, you’ll find a lot of children’s tableware here, too, to bring colour and fun to mealtimes. Have a look at our wipe-clean place mats decorated with friendly animals, for example. Or our colourful plastic beakers. They’re tough and dishwasher-safe, so they’re ideal for everyday use or for kids’ parties. Or check out our stainless steel or plastic cutlery, with knives with serrated edges that help your kids learn to cut up their own food. For everything you need to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable, from kid’s chairs to plates, it’s worth looking here.