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Mainan bayi IKEA

Bermain penting untuk bayi

Dari saat bayi lahir ke dunia, mereka menggunakan deria untuk mengenali persekitaran mereka. Tetapi deria ini belum berkembang sepenuhnya, dan merangsangnya adalah sangat penting. Dan sangat menyeronokkan! Mainan bayi kami menggunakan bunyi, tekstur dan warna yang menonjol untuk rangsangan yang selamat. Tiada bahan kimia yang merbahaya, hanya saat-saat yang menyeronokkan.

MULA kren dgn blok, kayu bic, pelbagai warna Panjang: 28 sm Tinggi: 11 sm Lebar: 15 sm
kren dgn blok
Panjang: 28 sm, Tinggi: 11 sm, Lebar: 15 sm


  • A great mix of fun baby toys

    Welcome to our range of fun, safe and versatile baby toys that’ll keep your little one’s hands and brain busy and happy. You’ll find lots of different baby toys for tots of all ages, from newborns to toddlers. Check out our LEKA series, for example. Here you’ll find great baby toys like rattles, balls and building blocks, all made of fabric that’s soft on your baby’s skin. The rattles even have a low sound level to suit babies’ sensitive ears. Or have a look at our MULA series with its classic toys in wood or colourful plastic that help kids develop their fine motor skills.

  • Baby toys that help your baby learn and develop

    It’s through play that children learn and develop. So we’ve designed our baby toys with your baby’s development in mind. The toys that hang down from our baby gyms, for example, stimulate your baby’s eyesight with their movement and the sharp contrasts of their colours. And when your little one reaches out to touch them, it helps improve eye-hand coordination. Building a tower out of our different sized plastic beakers develops your baby’s fine motor skills and logical thinking. So check out our baby toys. You and your baby will both enjoy playing with them and they’ll help give your little one a great start in life.