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Kerusi tinggi IKEA

Masa untuk bayi anda menggunakan meja

Kerusi tinggi menyediakan tempat duduk yang selamat untuk bayi anda ketika waktu makan. Dengan meletakkan kerusi tinggi di meja keluarga - pada ketinggian yang sama dengan semua orang - anda juga membantu memperkembangkan kemahiran makan dan sosial bayi anda. Kerusi tinggi kami direka bentuk dengan hujung yang bulat, tapak yang luas dan stabil, serta tali pinggang keselamatan.

Kerusi tinggi IKEA
ANTILOP kerusi tgi dgn tali pg keselamatan, warna perak, putih Ketinggian tempat duduk: 55 sm Tinggi: 90 sm Lebar: 58 sm
kerusi tgi dgn tali pg keselamatan
Ketinggian tempat duduk: 55 sm, Tinggi: 90 sm, Lebar: 58 sm
ANTILOP dulang kerusi tinggi, putih Panjang: 42 sm Lebar: 42 sm Ketebalan: 4 sm
dulang kerusi tinggi
Panjang: 42 sm, Lebar: 42 sm, Ketebalan: 4 sm


  • Highchairs that suit your needs and style

    Get your baby started with the world of food in safety and comfort with our range of highchairs. Our tough, stable highchairs come in different designs, colours and materials to help you find something that suits you and your baby. For babies, learning to eat by themselves is a big step in their development. It can also be really, really messy. So we’ve designed our highchairs to be easy for you to keep clean. As well as highchairs, we also have children’s tableware, from bowls and bibs to training beakers and feeding spoons. Whatever you need to make mealtimes easier for both you and your baby, it’s worth taking a look here.

  • Safe and versatile highchairs

    All our highchairs come with safety belts in case your baby decides that dinner is over and wants to jump down and play. You can also go for our supporting cushion to help younger, smaller babies sit up. It’s inflatable, so you can gradually let the air out as your baby grows. Check out our highchairs that come with a removable tray or where you can get a tray separately. With the tray on, babies have their own personal table and they can sit a little bit away from all those tempting or hot things on the dining table. If you want your baby to sit directly at the dining table, you can remove the tray.